Killing is My Business…..and Business is GOOD!

American Christmas Shopping is a unique experience. The holiday season in the USA is ripe with mass images of consumerism, resulting in an endless barrage of advertising blitz aimed at promoting the latest fad gifts, gadgets, end of the year fashions and corporate sanctioned must have doodads. Many of these products have been carefully cross promoted, using the latest poster child celebrity in addition to the blatant visual references that equally advertise Hollywood’s fetish with “man-child” CGI rampant hero myth movies. The power of advertising utilizes the cult of Hollywood personality to boost the desirability of the product. It is no longer simply enough to advertise it’s features or the pros or cons against a competitive brand or model. Now the delusion created by main stream media’s obsession with pop culture is transferred to the physical item itself. As a result mindless politically correct consumerism has crafted a niche market in terms of utilizing a specific formula and methodology which is cyclical and self reinforcing.

This procedure works well in a politically correct and indoctrinated America, where the thought police have a stranglehold on manufacturing consent and propagating group think Americanism. Advertising is only capitalizing on that trend. After all what works for political thought and false dialog must apply to consumer dynamics.

A Politically Correct Christmas….

American Christmas Shopping
In America, where conformity reigns supreme and being PC friendly is considered status quo, there is a glimmer of hope among the dreads of the advertising cronies who adhere to the Edward Bernay’s black book on human behavior conditioning. After all, it was Bernay’s who advocated the intelligent and conscious manipulation of the public mind was essential for any smooth functioning democracy. The mass manipulation is always accomplished by exploiting the mass media which enables the intended message to reach the greatest volume of citizenry. Enter Smoky Mountain Knife Works and Santa Claus.

American Christmas ShoppingAn Axe for the Holidays….

As strong proponent of self defense and self reliance, I was pleasantly surprised and equally shocked to receive a Christmas mail order catalog featuring professional weapons. It was not so much the content but the advertising approach that was shocking. However, even a die hard aficionado of warfare who actively trains in boxing, martial arts and firearms, I would consider a Christmas holiday as somewhat inappropriate for marketing the tools of destruction, bloodshed and chaos by main stream methods of marketing such as mail order catalogs. In addition, the market of appeal has to be increasingly smaller, as America and it’s manhood image continue to be bombarded by primarily feminist ideals of equality and man-hating legal policies, effectively emasculating men into nothing more then Dr Phil manginas. I remember reading an article this year where military recruiters and many drill and PT instructors lamented about the overall poor physical and mental condition of it’s cadets. Many where ill equipped to deal with the rigors of tough physical conditioning, and mental stress associated with future planned corporate wars as the military industrial complex expanded it’s sphere of influence. Effeminate men, raised by women in a culture advocating non-gender specific roles and the resulting media bombardment of the hero myth wrapped and prepackaged behind vacuous symbols of patriotism and vapid political rhetoric.

Nevertheless, opening and sifting through the catalog, I was shocked to see the following ad which immediately caught my attention. It was not the physical weapon itself, as the catalog featured equally lethal and more menacing tools. What was apparent was the text. It was brutal, to the point, nonchalant in an obscure way but decisive and in your face. The bullshit meter was sitting idle on zero. This was a man’s tool to engage in old school manhood. If civilization meant the continued emasculation of men on a grand scale, this tiny ad appealed to the barbaric nature that celebrates the uniqueness of what was once untouched, untamed and wild. Something long lost among the complacent life of packed strip malls, gated communities and golf carts.

American Christmas Shopping

Easy to throw with great accuracy, the sharp corners will pierce the thickest skull and the razor sharp edge sheers through flesh and bone.

A perfect stocking stuffer and just under 20.5″ I’m sold! I bet you won’t find that description in a JC Penny or Sear’s catalog. Yes, I am aware both retail outlets carry no such weapons. However, even if they did I would be dead certain that the advertising angle would reflect the influence of the non-violent feminist politically correct persuasion. Such reasoning would be incorrectly justified since the popular belief would reflect that violence was influenced by the media and in this case, the advertising angle. I guess according to such reasoning and logic, everyone who buys one will automatically join a Korean Axe gang and change there name to Gu-Nam.

In the end, pockets of isolated resistance to main stream efforts to curtail language and eventually behavior will always surface. Comedian George Carlin spoke in great detail in his stand up specials on the forced evolution of language to “soften” American society in what he dubbed the “pussification” factor. Shell shock indeed George. In the end, no matter how you look at it, you will still be an employee when corporate policy indicates you are an “associate” and a “tween” is just a silly euphemism for a stupid kid to young to masturbate (maybe?) but definitely to old to play with GI Joe or Barbie. Maybe both or neither if your gender indoctrinated neutral.

This article pays homage to the minuscule fraction of resistance against the PC machinations that engulf main stream media and marketing in America. In that regard, everyone should buy a Cold Steel Gang Hatchet in support of manhood and a salute to times past when things made sense on a simple, yet barbaric level. Look at the drab alternative….another pair of socks or worse, fruitcake for the holidays. Talk about symbolism.

As George Carlin elegantly put it, “the great big corporate advertising dick!” I think this Hatchet can put an end to that problem with one swift slice. Just think of it as corporate downsizing.