Bad Taste

American Dream

What has happened to the American dream and the ensuing impact on the middle class? Nothing if you consider apathy to be among one of those endearing traits. It is no secret that a common human reaction to a shocking or embarrassing truth is often to resort to humor. In this case, the initial comment was actually quite witty considering the truth behind the observation. However, the ugliness of this fashion faux pas is quickly overshadowed by the callous juxtaposition of the homeless man and the trio of oblivious bimbos on display, gawking at the camera while vying for attention at all costs.

Finally an insightful and revealing comment follows, especially when you consider seven out of ten Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.

American Dream

This epidemic has become commonplace especially in much of the urban enclaves throughout all major industrialized states, as hundreds of former middle class and blue collar Americans have been systematically displaced by a predatory financial system.

This fake middle class is actually a vast majority of delusional Americans who have fallen prey to the victimization schemes, developed by predatory marketing gurus who peddle the illusion of happiness through unfettered material gain. These girls are just pawns enabling the perpetuation of this dream. In the end, just like US deficit spending and irresponsible fiscal policies, no reversal or responsible monetary habits are adopted. The accumulation of an ever increasing debt cycle has become just as American as fireworks on the fourth of July.

Unfortunately, this bitter reminder of homelessness continues to prevail while most of the middle class sink further into apathy with a reckless abandon for wealth acquisition at all costs. Universal empathy has been circumvented by an insatiable appetite for all things external and transient. Americans and much of western society, has been socially conditioned and indoctrinated into a mindless existence based around vapid consumerism and cog like routines.

Perhaps this one additional comment, which reflects one personal tragic truth of the homeless plight will impact some unknown reader, resulting in a fundamental change in perception and life perspective.

American Dream

I have my doubts as the social engineering of excessive materialism has been at the forefront of US marketing and domestic fiscal policy since the beginning of the century. One can not simply discount or dismiss what has been carefully engineered for many decades. Decades of repetition and reinforcement has shaped our collective cultural values by careful manipulation. It is only through a consistent and steadfast self awareness that we are able to unveil this carefully crafted illusion. Unfortunately for most of the uneducated population, this is an impenetrable wall, the lure of the bread and circus culture has it’s addictive qualities.