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The Shit Lords in Holland

Peter Stuyvesant Square is located in New York City, between 15th and 17th street and 1st and 3rd avenue. Aptly named, it is a small encapsulated natural preserve, amidst the cold backdrop of sprawling concrete and steel. Incidentally, the premier high school for science, mathematics and technology was also located within this vicinity. This was(…)

Dumbing Down Society

Dumbing Down Society

Dumbing Down Society in a subtle incremental manner makes for a highly efficient method of long term control. Placing emphasis on certain non-intellectual activities is just one of the simplest and effective strategies for achieving a docile apathetic response. Drastic distinctions in educational priorities has both cultural and social implications related to the parental reinforcement(…)

Bad Taste

Bad Taste

What has happened to the American dream and the ensuing impact on the middle class? Nothing if you consider apathy to be among one of those endearing traits. It is no secret that a common human reaction to a shocking or embarrassing truth is often to resort to humor. In this case, the initial comment(…)

Dutch People are Cheap – Gezellig Not!

Dutch People are Cheap – Gezellig Not!

Dutch People are Cheap. The dutch have an tradition of being extremely frugal and somewhat pragmatic. Unfortunately, if you are engaged in any form of monetary transaction (selling), you might experience an annoying cultural byproduct of this cheapness obsession. Compounding matters for foreigners is what appears to be a cultural bias born out of blind(…)

Redneck Florida: One “Minit” in ‘Murica!

Redneck Florida is not an uncommon term. There are far to many documented examples in the local news as well as historical incidents which clearly provide evidence to support the stereotype. if you ever live in the state of Florida, especially the more rural areas, you will undoubtedly witness with your very own eyes. A(…)

American Education – Dead Poets Society

The following quotes are in relation to the original story published in various news websites and blogs. Incidentally, I make it a habit to not only read corporate spun articles but also the underlying comments which often present more insight and analysis then the primary source. Interesting comment regarding some observational differences between priorities.  (…)

Divide and conquer – Treyvor Martin Distractions

Divide and conquer? This tactic historically has many applications, both in contemporary wars and in domestic operations. Considering how most of the nation and world was typically divided along predictable racial patterns, it was illuminating to see someone was looking beyond the veneer of the obvious media diversionary rhetoric. I discovered this interesting post, in(…)

Justcloud Review: A Rip-Off Service

This is an unbiased personal Justcloud Review. Like many heavy duty torrent users and savvy consumers of digital data, I opted for a cloud storage service which would enable me unfettered access to my data in all forms, from any location on Earth. After some brief online research resulting in various forum posts, reviews and(…)

McDonalds Charges Toilet Fee: Pissing Against The Wind For € .20

McDonalds Charges Toilet Fee: Pissing Against The Wind For € .20

McDonald’s Charges Toilet Fee in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Let it be clear this is not a rant comparing aspects of socialism against capitalism. However, living in a modern plutocracy ruled by an oligarchy of technocrats, banker-politico robber barons and PC apologists, does influence one’s perception and cultural bias. Needless to say I was not impressed(…)

NH Schiphol Airport Hotel: Wall Paintings

NH Schiphol Airport Hotel in Amsterdam is a unique place for numerous reasons. The following are some of the rather odd and macabre original artwork which grace the walls of the NH Schiphol hotel in Amsterdam. This is a monstrous hotel with winding corridors, a breezy alcove and a delightful multilingual staff. The walls in(…)