Baby Bump – The Idiocracy News Continues

Baby Bump? Seriously? What manner of moronic 21st century text speak idiocy is this and what simpleton hooked on phonics moron came up with that silly term? The American non-culture perpetuates further with the media’s sickening obsession over irrelevant and mindless drivel. Bump equates to baby in retard speak.

Update: 02/19/2013: The language of idiocy that the media continues to perpetuate with mindless non-news worthy drivel continues:

Baby Bump

Update: 04/07/2013 – The media’s perpetuation of sheer stupidity and the obvious fuckery of the English language continues. Here is another addition to the growing trend of introducing moronic new catch phrase terms that border on developing the vernacular for the retarded.

Baby Bump

Update: 04/23/2013 – The trend of idiocy unfettered continues as the media continues on it’s quest to exacerbate American viewer stupidity. Someone should take a sledgehammer and cause a REAL bump on the collective heads of these jackass journalists.

Baby Bump

Update: 03/28/2014 – Another year and the idiotic influence of these brain dead celebrity journalist leeches continues, as they perpetuate the stupefying of the unwashed masses with the bastardization of language.

Baby Bump

In the book, Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History by Jim Keith, the following quote seems applicable:

It is almost impossible to join the mainstream media without getting a BA in Journalism. One might think that this is done to ensure that the “cub reporter” has learned the basic technical skills needed for the job. It is not. It is to ensure that the new kids have been indoctrinated into the correct mindset. That they think right.

He goes on to further state:

Objective reporting seems to be passé. Now the kids are given a lot of ideas about “social responsibility” and other buzzwords that sound awfully close to thought control in a do-good disguise.