Bit USA Inc. – Unprofessional & Unreliable Computer Repair in Florida

Bit USA Inc. is a very unprofessional and unreliable computer repair service. This “one-man” operation which changes addresses and locations conducts business out of a hole in the wall type unassuming business front. I visited the “current” location at:

6047 Kimberly Blvd. Ste. O
North Lauderdale, Fl. 33068

The “old” Bit USA Inc location which was still listed on the Lenovo “authorized” list of local repair shops was at:

10795 NW 53rd Street Ste 203
Sunrise, Fl. 33351

The fact that Bit USA Inc has no reviews in not surprising. In itself is a testimony to the lack of interest in this person and his less than stellar work ethics or business practice.

As I mentioned, I received this business in reference to a damaged Lenovo Carbon X1 laptop which had a burned out system board. This business was listed on Lenovo’s website for authorized repair centers. It should be removed immediately and I will inform customer support based on my experience. I traveled from West Palm Beach to get here and eventually dropped off the laptop informing “Pat” the sole and only technician of this business what the problem was and if he could fix it in a timely manner. He was initially cordial and seemed honest enough. I still had my reservations based on the appearance of this minuscule one man operation whose storefront did not even have a business name that reflected the one advertised on Lenovo or on his business card!

Nevertheless, I mistakenly left the laptop for repair. I assumed a week I would get this completed or at least an occasional update. Not a chance. I called and only got voicemail only with no return calls, text was unanswered. I wanted any update since “Pat” informed me at first it might have been the PSU and then later the system board was at fault. He quoted me by text after numerous unanswered calls, that the part would be $275 and labor $125. I agreed and after a few days, I once again received no updates. I texted asking if there was any news on the repair as I needed my laptop for critical assignments which had specific dates & times in which projects were due. I eventually got a call back from his receptionist that he could not repair the laptop?! No reason given but I assumed he simply flaked out and being an unprofessional and inconsiderate cretin, he simply did not have the respect and business acumen to inform me himself.

I arranged to pick up the laptop, driving once again 45+ minutes from West Palm beach. I wasted enough time and called Lenovo and was able to purchase an extended warranty for 2 years at a fraction of what “Pat” quoted for this repair. Once my warranty was renewed and extended, Lenovo shipped a repair box overnight via UPS and my Carbon X1 was sent for repairs. I was updated every step with emails and the IBM/Lenovo website. Tracking numbers were emailed and I even received instructions and a paid return label. In one day the laptop was repaired and shipped back to me overnight by UPS! Now, that is professional service.

Bottom line, avoid doing business with this establishment. Unprofessional and unresponsive sums up the experience. The lackadaisical and aloof mentality of this person gives even Florida a bad name when it comes to operating in slow motion. Just contact Lenovo and get the extended warranty. It was cheaper and the repair was faster and 100% more professional then these fly by night, half ass mom & pop repair shops.

Incidentally, this review concerns the following business:

Bit USA Inc.
6047 Kimberly Blvd. Ste. O
North Lauderdale, Fl. 33068
Phone number (954) 341-9934