Craigslist & Redneck Games

Cape Coral Florida
I captured the following image on my cell phone Sept 2012. The despicable quality is symbolic of the ludicrous contents which was briefly displayed on Del Prado Blvd South. Note the sign’s contents boldly displayed in a red background for mass appeal, “Family Festival & Redneck Games”

Yes there is a guttural sense of pride even exhibited by the underclass of society.

The following excerpts are taken from the local rant & rave section of Lee county. You can get a good unbiased sensation of the local scene from the indigenous residents. They never refrain from telling it like it is as opposed to how an outsider may be blinded by self delusions of paradise. You will find “cracker culture” can be quite ambivalent and vociferous in this regard. Orwell was correct in stating ignorance is strength.

Cape Coral Florida likes most places has it’s own unique subculture which in essence is just a microcosm of the larger Florida stereotype. The area during the economic collapse of 2008 was essentially the epicenter for middle class hardship. Numerous homes fell into foreclosure, unemployment was exacerbated by low and stagnant wages and education was . As a result, the housing market turned short sales into a household term and Cape Coral Florida was marketed to foreign buyers as a cheap slice of paradise complete with warmer weather, boat docks and simple living among Midwest transplants.

The following humorous excerpt is the result of one innocuous post on Craigslist asking for local advice on relocation options. The responses indicate much truth into how perceptions are skewed by personal experience and life bias but at the same time paint an accurate picture of how life on the west coast, which is just endemic of small town Americana anywhere.

Cape Coral Florida

The iconic American dream is the perfect picture used to sell Cape Coral Florida. Built in the 1950’s by the Gulf American Land Corporation. Model homes, roads galore, an airport, a police force, the Cape Coral Country Club. Hundreds of miles of canals were dug so that nearly every home was on or near the water. “It was one of the largest planned developments ever in the United States-and it was a rousing success.”


I would say the latter was rather optimistic. Just ask the locals on Craigslist.

Cape Coral Florida