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Human Collectivism – Culture as Regressive Social Insects

Human Collectivism is a problem. The Valorian Society was a secluded organization of highly perceptive writers who viewed the historical and present day problem of human society, as two diametrically opposing cultures that can never be integrated. In essence, this was an eternal struggle between the sovereign individual versus the mass manipulated population. Historically, the(…)

Human Manipulation – Psychological stupidity is a cultural epidemic

Human Manipulation? The identification of the evolution of the modern human species as asexual social insects, opposed to sovereign individuals was heavily examined in the masterpiece by

I Watch Therefore I Think? – Media Control Propaganda

Media Propaganda In Propaganda and Control of The Public Mind, Noam Chomsky states that “propaganda is to a democracy as a bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.” On the surface the method of execution is drastically and visibly extreme, however the reason and intent remains constant. Chomsky eloquently chronicled the results of excessive government and(…)

Part Time Nation – An Incremental Economic Decline

Part Time Nation reflects an incremental economic decline. “Do not trust governments more than governments trust their own people.” – Andrei Sakharov The official government unemployment figure will almost always be misleading with an intentional effort to undermine the true numbers. Unfortunately, a majority of Americans will believe this false and misleading information which amounts(…)

Mass Manipulation in Modern Society

Mass Manipulation is consistent element of contemporary collective society. Most people when asked or confronted would consider themselves not simply a product of society or social practice, but the polar opposite: unique, individualistic, one of a kind, special or uncommon. However, we all share a physical world and view it’s contents through an individual perception(…)

Dumb Americans – Class Struggle, Greed & Idiocy

Dumb Americans are everywhere. The growing economic inequality is destroying middle class America, reducing the population into a two tiered system with extreme wealth on one end of the spectrum, while the other end contains the massive ever increasing population of uneducated, delusional poor. American democracy has been obliterated. The rich control the political system(…)

The Great Divide: American Cracker & Yankee Defined

When I moved to southwest Florida, I was unprepared for the stereotypical visage of a predominantly rural white American, affectionately known as a “Cracker.” However, growing up essentially a northerner from New York City, I was accustomed to extreme diversity on an international level. I remember some of my old neighborhoods, especially Jamaica, Queens. Now(…)

Internet Doomsday & Socialization

Internet Doomsday & Socialization

Internet Socializing is ubiquitous in our contemporary technocratic society. Smart phone and mobile devices have become more then what their early predecessors envisioned. No longer simple audio communication devices, now the latest apps include all methods on instantaneous interaction despite the obvious physical isolation. Ironically, physical proximity does nothing to diminish the single minded focus(…)

American Culture – Serfdom & Political Divide

American Culture – Serfdom & Political Divide

American Culture – What defines it? George Carlin once said American politicians hide behind three things: the bible, the flag and children. No truer words were ever spoken. Political campaign catch phrases are wrought with colorful monologue that invokes cheap and easy predictable emotion. This has become the soup du jour tactic to insure blind(…)

College Scam – The Great Financial Equalizer is a Lie

The usual selling point for college admissions has been the reliance on the traditional acceptance and belief of upward mobility, job stability or even a mid life career change. The combination has created a profit system that has corporatism at it’s root. It has developed into the educational industrial complex resulting in student debt which(…)