Class Warfare – The Shot Heard Around The World

Class Warfare
Class warfare in the 21st century?

This is the oldest manufactured conflict revisited. It is essentially class warfare but the American bread and circus obsessed culture has been so fraction-ed and marginalized by the left/right paradigm, that division is rampant along every social, political and ideological line.

The current anti-gun grab crescendo as well as the perpetual fear mongering by the media in exploiting the fiscal cliff, as a manufactured distraction from the real looming debt default. This has created a population operating in a paranoid emotional fear, stifling any rational thought and pacifying any collective action.

Incidentally, I just finished reading Vincent Marchetti’s book, CIA and The Cult of Intelligence. Marchetti was a 14 year insider. If you want to understand American neocolonialism and foreign policy, start with this extensive work and continue to Chalmers Johnson’s works. This book provides invaluable insight regarding the agencies role in decades of geopolitical maneuvering along with its addiction to disinformation campaigns.

In addition, John Perkins as a former NSA guy basically reiterates what both Marchetti and Johnson reveal, which is essentially that the US has been operating under the guidance of corporate interests as opposed to the will of it’s citizens. Both provide a counter perspective to what main stream media perpetuates through Hollywood glamorization of such covert operations and agencies.

As for revolution, the country could possibly have a splinter effect and I think TPTB would prefer a civil disturbance on a large scale or small scale skirmishes, resulting in enough manufactured chaos to implement more draconian domestic police state policies. We are almost at that proverbial crossroads considering the financial atrophy coupled with the social discontent resulting in attacks of civil liberties.

How about the diversity of reaction from people in the North vs. the South?

One of the foremost experts on race in the US is the conservative professor, Thomas Sowell. I believe he is a Senior Fellow at Stanford University. He wrote a book I read which is actually a collection of 6 distinct essays.

The book is called White Liberals and Black Rednecks. The essay on the US south is very revealing. He details the culture of pride compared to the north.

After living in both areas, I agree with his conclusions. The south exhibits this pride more fiercely and is prone to be more openly antagonistic, especially to outsiders or liberals. Albeit this is a common reaction when faced with something or someone new or strange.

The north is more diverse so the issue of being marginalized politically is more unseen which can be dangerous as you lack cohesion. However, make no mistake, both areas suffer from the same manipulative forces, namely the political climate which has successfully created this bone of contention.

This is why  I say a civil disturbance is more probable then a true revolution which centralizes citizen opposition against a tyrannical despotic government.  On a side note, Sowell has libertarian perspectives and often breaks from the conservative base on numerous issues. Still if you are going to dissect, you have to remain objective, unbiased by false paradigms which really only instill emotional reactions born out of stereotypes. This is why I try an avoid left vs right discourse, which has become a rabid American pastime. Cognitive dissonance and facts rarely ever alter one’s preconceived notions or beliefs. It is more like self discovery similar to religion which is why it is often used as a tool to control the masses. Further proof of this can be found by reading the father of US political science, Laswell.

Therein lies your class warfare.