Cops Ignore 911 Calls – Stupid is in Florida III

Cops Ignore 911 Calls. An investigation into Miami police officers’ on-duty conduct found six officers were ignoring 911 calls while instead kissing their girlfriends, shopping, and drinking coffee.

One 911 call involved an unconscious five-month-old baby. Video footage shows Miami police officer Dario Socarras ignoring dispatch orders to save the child, while drinking coffee for nine minutes and lying to the dispatcher about being “en route”. Paramedics eventually reached the unconscious child, while Socarras never went – but still, the officer wrote in his daily report that he attended the scene.

And Socarras is only one of six officers caught neglecting their duties: after being followed and caught on surveillance video by Internal Affairs, two officers and a sergeant were fired and three were suspended without pay for dereliction of duty from the Miami Dade Police Department.

The footage of the incidents documents the department’s worst case of delinquency in its history.

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Entire Miami police squad fired after footage shows cops shopping, dining and kissing while ignoring 911 calls

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It is a good thing Florida has the castle doctrine & stand your ground laws to offset this kind of blatant disregard of professional protocol. Imagine being someone who prescribes to the perpetual victim state by proxy – anti self defense, self preservation and firearm ownership. Then coming to the realization that NO ONE is there to rescue your ignorant, illogical and foolish ass. Man UP! Get in shape physically, mentally fortify yourself, learn to handle firearms, train in modern MA and divorce yourself from the rest of the clueless masses, the culturally deformed and distracted, TV obsessed, obese mindless sports & status quo anti-intellectuals.

Incidentally on the same day, to add fuel to the perpetual fire of self defense apathy, this tidbit of startling news was also reported. Now consider BOTH articles are involving high crime areas in terms of violent offenses being committed. The only major difference is that Florida unlike Chicago, allows you to potentially defend yourself, giving you the remnants of a fighting chance at maintaining survivability.

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Chicago police stop immediate responses to burglaries and thefts

Many Chicagoans who call 911 will no longer receive immediate help. Chicago police will no longer show up at crime scenes unless someone is in critical condition or a criminal suspect remains on the scene.

It may soon take bullet wounds, broken bones, rape attacks or other injuries to catch the attention of the police department, while crimes like car thefts may largely be overlooked.

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Perhaps the iconic 1983 New York based movie, Vigilante by William Lustig was a foreboding message of things to come or progressively worsen. Thirty years since it was first released, the opening monologue seems eerily appropriate.