Craigslist, New York & Rikers Island

I decided for no apparent reason to hit up the New York City “missed connections” section. Craigslist Rikers Island missed connections seemed like an unlikely literary concoction. I was definitely aiming to corner the market for a potential rendezvous of a romantic incarcerated nature. My last foray into this virtual melodramatic billboard was when I lived in Cape Coral, Florida. It was about time I tried again under the auspices of my current location. Since I was no longer in Florida and currently in New York, it was more appropriate for me to take a stab at the liberal progressive side of this online social lunacy. The Flo’ grown had seen enough of my previous musings.

Initially posted out of sheer boredom and wanting to stir the proverbial pot, I created an ad reminiscent of those published in earnest, with hopes to reconnect and once again share some brief and potentially meaningless moment in public sphere. The major difference was I created mine out of sarcasm and mockery, literally attempting to belittle the entire section as nothing more then a banal attempt by people to rekindle some often one-sided pseudo romance they fabricated inside their fucking head. Hence after several months of random lurking and trolling ads, I decided once again to create another fictitious entry.

I listed this anecdote with an amusing title to garner some attention:

Riker’s Island security line...”

Craigslist Rikers Island Missed Connections

As for the contents of the ad itself……

Craigslist Rikers Island Missed Connections

I usually run these once and renew several times. I like to see how the natives react which sadly and surprisingly seems devoid of real responses. However, every now and then, I do get a response. Some in particular can really make it worth it.

Craigslist Rikers Island Missed Connections

and so, my amusing anecdotes and fictitious rendezvous will continue. Indeed stay tuned.