Cultural Diversity and The Education Industrial Complex

Cultural Diversity? As American and global society continue to react in knee-jerk fashion to the continued devastation of the economic markets, droves of the unemployed will continue to seek a safe haven behind the walls of academia. Most will endeavor to increase their marketability through advanced degrees, reflecting popular trends in hot markets often conjured by main stream media promoting the latest “daily special” or happy hour career. Fortunately, some will do their due diligence and research the sensationalized claims, further examining before signing away their proverbial soul to the debt devil of private and federal student loans. However, many of the clueless will not. Customary among American educational circles, especially first time freshman undergraduates is to prescribe to the belief that the majority reflects what is right, and that authority in all it’s forms must be the greatest representation of truth. Everyone who has ever had an unforgettable experience dealing with the mindless advice of a high school guidance councilor can surely relate.

Essentially, this means mass media creates the hype, the herd respond, often out of desperation and this is reinforced by the numbers. Since everyone else has it, is doing it and is in general agreement, then this must be true and also represent what is the correct course of action. In essence, the goal of any successful advertising campaign. Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann would be proud as the bewildered hear respond as intended. After all the micromanagement of human beings in all levels of interaction from social to the political has been a driving force behind upward mobility studies and mechanisms of control since primordial times.

Cultural Diversity

The graphical display above serves as a indication to the depth of such analysis. If we can as a social species to be easily classified and compartmentalized – then designing and as Chomsky puts it, manufacturing consent as well as the response becomes predictable. In my opinion based on individual observation and research, it is getting not only easier, especially in America but the manner and tactics are more blatant as the reinforcement principle of past success has paved the way for continued subtle manipulation on a grand scale. In fact, this continues from birth to death in any westernized industrialized society whose sole source of experience has been based around the proverbial idiot box (TV) – the single greatest device invented for mass behavior manipulation through the subconscious reinforcement by images, ADD like sound-bytes and the depiction of reality through one size fits all docudramas, sitcoms and nonsensical 30 second advertisement shots.

The second manner of social micromanagement and long term behavioral modification is accomplished in school. College is a primary example as students entering for the first time are often lost, clueless and impressionable. This is further compounded by new surroundings for those who travel out of state and have little recourse in familiarity. This offers a much strategic advantage to those seeking to target the vulnerable. Evidence of this can be seen in the hordes of unscrupulous financial institutions offering first time unsecured credit cards to starry eyed students on Campus. The sleaze factor is increased by the timing of such tactics which often coincide with the first day of class, when a lone student is most vulnerable, to appease, comply and “fit in” with whatever artificial environment has been created by any authority presence. Bank = money/credit = job/career = materialism = success = happiness.

So stop by young student, see my hypocritical smile and application in one hand. Go on, fill it in you will get free debt money and a Frisbee and T-shirt with school colors. You want to be like everyone else right? Can’t you see everyone is doing it. There is harmony here. This is capitalism and Americanism at work. You want to fit in right? Sure, we all do.

Enter The Federal Card Act

Not to be surprised, the Federal Card Act was only a circumventing the student debt to the already debt laden parents via cosigners on the application.

Monetary debt enslavement is not the only product being sold on College campuses across the USA. John Taylor Gatto referenced the dumbing down process by creating a standardized curriculum based on rote memorization with almost no development of critical individual thinking skills. Now such influential changes are impacting the universal curriculum itself, especially concerning what constitutes standard mandatory classes for every matriculated degree. I have personally attended six colleges and universities in two states, obtaining two undergraduate degrees. I have attended both private and state colleges/universities. In all instances the humanities/liberal arts core was intact and consistent regardless of location or degree. This usually included a mixed bag of social science, history, English composition, physical science, math, history and even language or theology. What variations I observed were often insignificant and irrelevant as the courses can be transferable under the same department elective between schools and universities. Hence, no credit was lost if one was to transfer to another school.

Cultural Diversity
Currently the educational czars in America have decided a much needed mandatory course in Cultural Diversity needs to be dictated to the unsuspecting masses of college students. The previous volume of carefully selected liberal arts core which embraced historical and political diversity would no longer suffice to re-educate the American student. A new very specific course that would reflect modern globalized times was need to drive the message home. American students could not be trusted to accept the reality of what they physically see daily or even view on television. Much of which reflects diversity in a more pure unfettered fashion then what is selectively delivered in a mandatory class concerning such a broad but common sense subject.

Has common sense and rationality been utterly devastated by years of behavior conditioning that the current and future crop of American college students could not decipher and interpret that which is so obvious. Perhaps this hedonistic culture of self indulgence has spawned not only a generation of unparalleled ignorance beyond comprehension but also one more equally apt to coercion and conditioning. The halls of academia in the USA is truly a petri dish paradise for social conditioning, behavior modification and group-centric indoctrination studies. Dr. Ewen Cameron of MK-Ultra fame would be so proud. No electroshock or sleep deprivation needed.

Reinforcement is even using deceptive tactics to diffuse any dissent. This enables deniers to be ostracized from the politically correct herd:

“To say no to a multi-cultural education is to say yes to the perpetuation of the ideology of white supremacy.”

Indeed and according to that definition, being anti-Zionist is antisemitic and anti-Obama, regardless of his policies is racist.

This is the opening statement by C. Liegh McInnis in an article which espoused the merits of teaching cultural diversity as opposed to the more natural and traditional manner of firsthand experience via travel and old fashioned HUMAN contact. I guess generations of human social, political, religious, sexual interaction in both times of peace and war have taught us nothing as individuals. We apparently now need basic instruction on what has been previously an evolved intrinsic soft skill.

University of Cincinnati:

“This program should help you develop sensitivity, awareness, knowledge and skills with which to determine the similarities and differences of various cultures.”

Yes, apparently because college bound students today can not be trusted to have developed any form of sensitivity beyond Upper Paleolithic Cro-magnon.

University of Phoenix:

This course focuses on the issues, challenges, and opportunities presented by U.S. population diversity. Workplace Diversity, Prejudice, Stereotypes, Discrimination, and Privilege Immigration, Assimilation, Pluralism, and Multiculturalism Legal Framework and The Global Comparative Perspective.

Preparation for the continued globalization and dissolution of any indigenous culture. It is no wonder such deceptive rhetoric in practice has given rise to nationalistic sentiments in almost every EU country and even the Netherlands is not immune, as illustrated by populist Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders rise to power.

University of North Carolina:

This course is designed to help students develop an understanding of various intra-national cultural groups in our communities (e.g., Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans, etc.).

Yes because firsthand observation, a passport and turning off the TV are beyond the comprehension of most college aged adults in America. Then again, America already has cultural diversity physically present. It is exists in highly segregated neighborhoods and barrios.

Arizona State University:

Students must complete courses that satisfy each of the three awareness areas:

I Cultural Diversity in the United States:

The objective of the cultural diversity requirement is to promote awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity within the contemporary United States

II Global Awareness:

The objective of the global awareness requirement is to help students recognize the need for an understanding of the values, elements, and social processes of cultures other than that of the United States.

III Historical Awareness:

The objective of the historical awareness requirement is to help students develop knowledge of the past that can be useful in shaping the present and future

In other words, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. In regards to ASU and the mandatory three tier awareness courses, this would indicate that the typical American college student is culturally isolated and socially dysfunctional – unable to function as young adults in a globalized world. A world that has had diversity in place for thousands of years, reflecting great works in art, music, literature, language, history, science and human innovation and interaction. The McDonalized culture of the typical ignorant American, whose lifestyle reflects a cornucopia of stripmalls, Xbox and ebonics has dictated the need for mandated re-education once again.

This was not the first example, as ample research would reveal similar deviations. Revisiting American education in the near future will have continued changes to the curriculum, reflecting deficiencies inherent in America’s continued apathy towards world culture. Perhaps in as little as ten years, American college students will once again be learning the three “R’s” and signing their FAFSA forms with a crayon.

A Solution……….

Cultural Diversity