Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg Sucks

In continuing the tradition of blogging about my negative consumer experiences, I have decided to write my official Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg Review. My experience actually involves both a physical location as well as the online website. Hence, my review is really all encompassing as I initially set out to open an account at a local branch and eventually gravitated to the website which had the option of directly opening an account.

In late September (Que up Rod Stewart’s Maggie May) of 2014 I did some online research into free checking accounts without fees or minimal deposit requirements. My criteria was simple enough. Find a local bank that offered a free checking account without any extraneous business services or options which in turned increased potential fees and daily balance requirements. Much to my chagrin I was unable to meet the requirements of the few credit unions within my area. I was actually surprised living in the largest borough of NY that so few even existed and that none of the current one’s had broad enough membership options. Most required living or working within a very narrow geographic vicinity or the standard requirement of working for specific companies and being a member of select unions.

Moving forward with my search and being meticulous to avoid the larger TBTF TARP bailout recipient banks which were obvious, I came across Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg. I was already a long term Chase bank customer and the $1500 daily balance requirement of my current checking account was unsatisfactory. Fortunately I was never charged any fees as I maintained the required amounts on a daily & monthly basis. However, considering the economic and political history of JP Morgan, I preferred to switch to a credit union but since none were available, a more cost effective solution was desired.

My search led me to find Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg They had a checking account that fit all my needs and the local branch was within walking distance.

Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg Review

Since the online information looked promising and I wanted to initiate the process of getting this account opened, I decided to visit the local branch in Hillcrest.

Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg Review

No one was here when I entered the bank. Considering it was a Friday around 4pm, I was surprised no other customers were present. The interior looked dated and dingy. Eventually a woman greeted me and I informed her of my wish to open a new account. I showed her my ID documents. One out of state valid drivers license and one valid and new US passport. Strangely enough, she had to ask an unseen manager as she was genuinely clueless. Incidentally, being unseen and in a position of hierarchical authority helps to maintain that sense of false productivity and air or superiority for the peons and workers bees beneath you. I was not worthy of his majesties presence. Me and my paltry ID and free checking account needs. How could I be so bold? How could he be anymore be more aloof and disinterested? Anyway, she eventually emerged once again and told me to get a NY drivers license or non-driver ID. He had spoken. Be still everyone lest we incur his incurable wrath. It was his Highness Royal decree. I guess a US passport was not good enough, nor was my valid Florida drivers license. I never mentioned to her that Dime did have the ability to open an account online. Strange how she never even mentioned it. Her solution was to go to the DMV and get a NY license or ID. Yes, just to open a two simple FREE bank account. Right…..great way to turn away potential clients by telling them to stand in line for indefinite amounts of time, to get another piece of ID that is just as good or equal to the one I currently possess.

Seriously, it was easier opening a bank account in Holland! As a graduate student living in Utrecht, all needed was my passport and BSN number.

Who creates these idiotic policies? It must be the same banker Robber Barron wall street lobbyist cronies who suck up to the politicos for deregulating the financial industry while at the same time bleeding the middle class dry for two bail outs. Nevertheless, I ended up using their archaic website to try an open the account which was the beginning of endless email exchanges with their miniscule support staff.

I wasted considerable time emailing and corresponding with clueless cut & paste support responses. In fact, one woman named Maria Bourdier, seemed to be the only employee at the generic “info” email address. How abysmal of an operation. A one woman support team addressing all new accounts inquiries.

I eventually managed to get the account process started. However, Dime could not link to my external Chase account to fund this new Dime account. However, it only took one day using the Chase online website to link to this new Dime account. Dime was given the correct account and routing numbers. Incidentally, I found it strange that I was able to open the account online using my Florida license. Yes, the same one Mr. unseen bank manager and his crony side kick rejected when I physically visited the branch a few days ago.

Unfortunately, a few days later the account was closed with no prior warning. I was informed that Dime would send me a check for $ 0.50 for the Chase & PayPal micro deposit account verification linking. Strange how Chase and PayPal were both successful in linking to the account but Dime and their out dated infrastructure could NOT link to my Chase account at all.

This is the letter I received informing me of the decision to close the account. They mailed my $0.50 check which was a small monetary testimony to the successful linking to the Dime account by both Chase and PayPal. The closing of this account by Dime is therefore a testimony to their inability to complete such a simple and routine banking operation.

Dime’s solution was for me to return to the very same branch I had visited days before and start again with the account opening process. Perhaps this bank and all it’s clueless employees has devolved into a form of business full retard mode.

As a result, I called the 1-800 number and was not surprised that the person who could provide more information was conveniently unavailable to speak with me regarding the closure. The point of contact agent who I spoke with had absolutely no information and appeared to be another uninterested zombie. I was even put on hold for her to come to that conclusion that she had no other information. Funny though, my Dime ebanking and mobile banking were still functioning even after the closure. I can still login and see the account with a zero balance.

In summation……

Dime as a business is very unprofessional and provided a belittling experience to a potential new client. This is precisely why bankers were hung from the rafters. We need more holidays in this country centered around pitch forks and bonfires. Needless to say, AVOID this half ass bank. If you are local, try TD Bank on 164th & Union Turnpike. They have an armed guard. An NYPD officer is usually on duty. At least it’s a sign of activity and people having functioning accounts. Perhaps enough that would justify a former attempted robbery? In any case, my ID was perfectly fine and they will even open your account the same day. Imagine that? No standing around endless DMV lines just to appease Mr. unseen bank manager who was probably too busy counting his employees pieces of flair.

Incidentally, this Dime branch had this beat up, dusty old acoustic guitar in the lounge area. Perhaps an appropriate foreshadowing of things to come for Dime? A pawn shop is definitely more befitting and reminiscent of their style.