Divide and conquer – Treyvor Martin Distractions

Divide and conquer

Divide and conquer? This tactic historically has many applications, both in contemporary wars and in domestic operations. Considering how most of the nation and world was typically divided along predictable racial patterns, it was illuminating to see someone was looking beyond the veneer of the obvious media diversionary rhetoric. I discovered this interesting post, in a Yahoo article concerning the so-called unified public outcry over the Treyvor Martin case. Since most average people are easily whipped into a frenzy of emotional tirades vis-à-vis living in a perpetual reactionary mode, this visual oddity would have easily been overlooked.

Divide and conquer

A closer examination reveals just how professional these posters are and how they are distributed along specific racial demographics. It would not be difficult for a motivated individual or organization to take advantage any volatile situation which is already emotionally

Divide and conquer

As Obama treasury secretary would say, you never let a good crisis go to waste. Social engineers and the political elite have long understood the mechanisms of societal control are best aligned with divide and conquer strategies. What better way to control the serfs and peons then to perpetuate via the establishment controlled media, a consistent racial divide that transcends any possible unification towards peaceful resolutions.

The least educated middle class have always been susceptible to media manipulation by invoking collective emotionalism over individual scrutiny and calm observation. I seriously doubt any of these black Trayvor supporters had any reservations about the sincerity of that obese white woman, holding the professionally printed sign with the strategically placed “Workers World Party” below the obvious emblazoned “Jail Zimmerman” battle-cry slogan. Instituting divide and conquer techniques using the crowds rampant emotionalism as cover is a creative and deceptive method of manufacturing dissent and controlling opposition.

I wonder if anyone of those protesting even bothered to question who exactly was this World Workers Party or why they would support this cause. Even then, would any of them even care. The answer is obvious as well as the reason why this group choose this cause. Attention, media attention regardless of the cause, concern or event. For the middle class, the working underclass of society must always be in a state of racial polarization, effectively marginalized by the plutocrats and elite oligarchs of society. This helps to maintain the hierarchical structures of power that have been in place since industrialized societies conception.

Unfortunately, in the USA this social tactic has become redundant and easy to replicate, as the American culture becomes increasingly complicit and ghetto-ized by the dumbing down effect of pop culture, mass entertainment and Hollywoodism.