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Dumbed Down Education

Dumbed down education has become a prevalent topics when discussing mass public education in the US. The US system is a model for the education industrial complex. Anyone familiar with the writings of John Taylor Gatto who was a master educator and correctly identified the US model as it breeds unthinking lemmings, stifles creativity and destroys critical thinking. This is true due to the pedagogical model. It is also no surprise that it creates a massive debt cycle that will likely be the straw that broke the proverbial economic back of the economy. It already surpasses the credit card debt. Then you factor in the value of some degrees based on monetary gain. The continued media lambasting of critical society-centric civic and humanity degrees based around social sciences in favor of more regimented hard science curriculum and you talk about indoctrination? It is no wonder the vast majority in the US continue to be manipulated by the left/right paradigm, TV talking heads and an anti-intellectual culture based around ghetto ethics.

The dumbing dumb is well in force considering the Federal Government already socializes your education cost by extending loans with interest that are guaranteed to anyone and can never be dismissed by bankruptcy. Failure to pay is then passed on to future and current debtors by way of increasing interest much like auto insurance. Good drivers eventually end up with increasing premiums regardless of your accident and risk free record. Therein lies your centralized control as how many college bound students have totally free education via a GI Bill, full scholarship or PAID via cash savings or family contributions.

The current system exacerbates the gov dependence which is why the education industry in the US is SOLD like a cheap southwest Florida vacation to many high school graduates who do not belong in academia beyond a factory assembly line or vocational field. Creating debt slaves is the norm. You have to get them while they are young to further condition and propagandize the system. The best education will always be self education and self directed. Mark Twain said it best when he claimed, I never let my schooling interfere with my education. Unfortunately, for the consistently indoctrinated in the US, education dies, critical examination is undeveloped and herd mentality prevails.

This argument unfortunately is tainted by cognitive dissonance in regards to political left/right leanings and how one is essentially indoctrinated. This is further compounded by mindless patriotism and Americanism which equates to crony capitalism and neoclassical economics at work. A more vastly educated populace after all creates a more egalitarian environment as everyone will be less inclined to dependence on others as the educational opportunities enable upward economic and social mobility. Creating a population and culture that is essentially anti-educational and dumbed down by bread & circus distractions and mindless pop culture almost always insures that equality and economic disparity is maintained by the upper echelons and modern day robber barons of modern society.

Incidentally I have been reading the following book by Thomas Geohegan, a double-Harvard graduate labor attorney and Europhile. His work is a brilliant treatment on the disparities between corporate capitalism and social capitalism. As one Amazon reviewer succinctly put it:

If Americans can somehow get around the dogma that we must be the world’s supercop, suppress unions at all cost and assume that corporate interests have primacy, we might be able to see the light that social capitalism profits generated in the public welfare could work.

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