Dumbing Down Society

Dumbing Down Society

Dumbing Down Society in a subtle incremental manner makes for a highly efficient method of long term control. Placing emphasis on certain non-intellectual activities is just one of the simplest and effective strategies for achieving a docile apathetic response. Drastic distinctions in educational priorities has both cultural and social implications related to the parental reinforcement of a societies collectivist notion of what defines an individual. In the USA, especially for males, the propagation of group sports from the early stages, compounded by extensive media bombardment creates the motivational incentive with which a skewed identity is fabricated for the individual. The value system embodied by organized sports teaches individuals to function within a group environment. It indoctrinates and subordinates an individual to learn hierarchical structures of authority as various team sports are organized along similar lines to corporate and civic modes of operation.

Contrast this method of development with a more direct approach of father – son dynamic, which fosters higher education and the value of solitary study without the domineering pageantry of team sports. In one aspect, the father – son dynamic that prioritizes education espouses individual merit and hard work. There would be little room for the deflection of failure, blame or reliance on others, provoking dependency traits akin to the reliance of the chronic unemployed and uneducated on nanny state handouts and social policies. Although team sports share parallel development with individual accomplishments in terms of work input and output, the difference is primarily reinforced in both verbal and physical modes to achieve consistent results with heavy reliance on the team-oriented perspective.

The sports obsession in society is perpetuated by the herofication culture. This manufactured mental handicap, serves to indoctrinated the values the elite of society envision for a menial slave class of citizenry, capable of functioning only within the narrow parameters defined, while stifling individuality and critical thinking.

George Carlin was a comedic genius who recognized dumbing down society long term effect, as it was one of the primary factors in perpetuating the illusion of the so-called American dream. A dumbed down society incapable of critical analysis will inadvertently require leadership and guidance.

Social engineers have always understood that powers structures could be maintained if the vast majority of the plebiscites were in a constant state of distraction and preoccupation with irrelevancy. This is essentially the culture that has evolved into what is currently the ghetto mentality in the US.

Dumbing Down Society

Outspoken individuals from various backgrounds have continued to lament about the horrendous effects of state sponsored public education in the US. In essence, the creation of unthinking lemmings is done through careful application of a rigid set of scholastic protocols designed to teach and indoctrinate the youth to accept their servile roles in society. Much of which will be centered on the passive acquiescence to authority and general acceptance of the class structure which has been thoroughly compartmentalized and defined by TPTB within the US.

Considering results vary by geographic location, such a controversial topic would eventually encroach upon the race divide. Statistics can often be defined along specific racial lines, enabling an obvious subversive issue to become more revealing. Such diverse results reflect both urban and suburban localities as well as the indigenous racial groups which are often impacted by social conditions that are customary to each environment.

Consider the following post by an individual who cites two such sources of racial examination and the inherent results upon which all of society is economically and socially impacted.

Dumbing Down Society

Incidentally, IQ can be grossly overrated. It comes down to motivation, pragmatism, judgement, and exerted effort which are far more determinative of success than IQ. A student with a high IQ might have a higher vocabulary and more facility with mathematical concepts, but that does not translate into personal progression and achievement. IQ can be viewed as a starting point, but it is by no means an end point.

Consider the comedic nature of this video, which was done in an earnest and humorous manner. Unfortunately it proves a very disturbing point regarding a vast percentage of American society. It would seem that for many, adult priorities which include a basic understanding of civic responsibility are severely skewed towards apathy and complicit ignorance. Failing to embrace one’s civic duties has created a population of conformist and collectivist zombies, preoccupied and distracted by meaningless and trifling distractions. If this is any indication for the future generation, we are all unfortunately and collectively fucked.

“If we would be free, if we mean to hold inviolate those inestimable privileges for
which we have so long contended, if we mean not basely to abandon the noble cause
for which we have so long endured, and to which we have pledged ourselves never to
abandon, until the glorious object of our contest should be obtained, then we must
fight! I repeat Sir, we must fight! A call to arms and an appeal to the God of hosts is
all that we have left.”

Patrick Henry – Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death