Florida Fundamentalism – Stupid is in Florida IV

Florida fundamentalism is alive and well. Live in Southwest Florida long enough and you will eventually be inundated with unsolicited mail from various local born again and evangelical groups. This is actually a staple occurrence in what has always been, the displaced bible belt that has become rural southwest Florida. Indeed much of it’s indigenous population and their collective migratory patterns have originated in equally rustic or pastoral locations throughout the Midwest and new England areas.

Geographically, these agrarian areas are a breeding ground in terms of perpetuating such archaic beliefs which are unfortunately, highly conformist and group-centric. The patrons are often a mix of blue-collar stock, middle class patriotic ignorance that is easily mislead and manipulated by pseudo-intellectualism masquerading as religious authority, equipped with advanced academic degrees in such esoteric secular niche specific fields. Hence, it is no surprise to find the proliferation of this kind of superstitious folklore and unrelenting fire and brimstone literature to instill fear and further indoctrinate unquestioning servitude in much of the uneducated masses that inhabit this former swamp-land.

Florida Fundamentalism

Notice the cover contains strong imagery and symbolism that reflects the continued instilling of both FEAR and intrigue for the new-found recruit or curiosity seeker. This is both a clever tactic based on the further dramatization of the central theme which is the struggle between a manufactured evil versus a universal protagonist representing everything good. In addition, the entire dichotomy has been artificially created, in a rather astute manner using two opposing existential and external forces, thus falsely providing a potential follower a choice when there is clearly only one path that is acceptable to those hawking this delusion.

Florida Fundamentalism

Apparently this revolutionary lecture is even conveniently divided into three distinct acts, reminiscent of the age old structure of creating dramatic works of literature and screenplays. Examine how the First Dynamic Night like all screenplays introduces the main protagonist in what is commonly called the Setup. Incidentally YOU, the unthinking participant is the protagonist being subversively drawn into this illusion of conflict.

The Second Dynamic Night or in screenwriting parlance is called the Confrontation. In this we can see the correlation at the protagonist will usually require the help or guidance in order to deal with their predicament, in what is commonly known as character development. In addition there is also a rise in the general action of the storyline past the initial turning point. In this case, this would be akin to a potential follower or curiosity seekers attendance and openness to the lecture and indoctrination which would intensify over a short period.

Florida Fundamentalism

The Third Dynamic Night obviously brings one to the second turning point with a heightened sense of foreboding and intensity surrounding our main premise of the eternal good vs. evil struggle and YOUR (protagonist) involvement through YOUR new-found awareness and knowledge (indoctrinated) – This is all unfolding as you discover a new sense of who they really are, based on how successful the lecture (brainwashing event) has been.

During this climactic stage, it is very important to invoke as much fear based imagery and symbolism which is best expressed through words and rhetoric that is consistent with stifling any doubt or disbelief. The Topics of The Night clearly adhere to such tactics as the use of such colorful fear inducing topics further instill a grave sense of urgency on the part of the attendees and potential recruits. In addition, repetition and consistency of numerous key words and phrases is important in the overall demonization of an opposing force as it externalizes the blame, providing the potential protagonist with a strong sense of belonging, accomplishment and a unified collectivist goal.

Florida Fundamentalism

Finally, notice the rear cover and how it strategically appeals to a wide audience to achieve maximum results. For what is any dogmatic and organized hierarchical religion without it’s dutiful and loyal followers as well as potential neophyte disciples. Here the appeal based on the image is one of wholesomeness, family-centric and community. In addition, the cleverly placed appeal to a multicultural and ethnically diverse demographic spectrum. Let no stone be unturned in the grand marketing scheme that is faith. Stupidity and ignorance is after all color blind and does not discriminate. Selling religion as a product to the masses for maximum results should also subscribe to this maxim of mass appeal. Fear is a great motivator, especially when selling doomsday prophecies and afterlife illusions.

The repetition of apocalyptic images and archaic numbers that signify the antagonist can only further demonstrate how mass manipulation through organized religion has not changed throughout the centuries. Target the peasants who are the underclass, the uneducated or ill-educated, the underprivileged class – especially during economically turbulent times, when confusion and chaos is rampant and answers from the non-secular world of politics and economics continues to befuddle. Cape Coral, Florida like many faceless towns and rural enclaves across the American Bible Belt are just ripe for an opportunist to continue sowing the seeds of perpetual ignorance.

Sadly, one does not have to search far in modern society to find the unfortunate results that come from the belief is such ludicrous fairy tales. Shortly after receiving this mailer, the following story appeared in the national news:

Tennessee man quits job after getting W-2 with ’666′ on it

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In response to the above news article, one can often find humorous anecdotes and musings from various people who decide to leave a suitable reply. In this particular thread, the general consensus obviously agreed how utterly idiotic this man was for quitting his job over some silly superstition which was obviously the direct result of lifelong fear mongering indoctrination.

Florida Fundamentalism