Florida Mudding – Craigslist Amor in da’ Mud

Florida Mudding? What is that…..well, Craigslist can offer a unique perspective into the social insights of an indigenous culture, or lack of in a particular locality. The “Rant & Raves” section is of particular note, considering it is essentially akin to an open free for all blog where anyone can post and respond on a variety of topics. Essentially an UN-moderated forum to vent your life’s unmitigated frustrations, topics can range from the frivolous to current events to magnanimous volumes of verbal insults and unfettered hatred abound. It is a perfect place to pass the time while gravitating away from moments of productivity. We all have our Peter Gibbons daily routines.

I wonder how many budding graduate students who are toiling away on their masters thesis, actively engage this medium as it can provide a treasure trove of real time information.

In this particular ad, we find a native or possibly transplanted (non-recent judging by the interests) female looking for some good old fashioned southern flair. To be honest, this is actually quite refreshing to see as one could possibly prematurely judge this as being uncouth, crass or willfully engaging in uncivilized and unrefined behavior. After all isn’t the club scene so dated and conformist, not too mention redundant and pretentious? If not, why would most describe it as a meat market full of wannabe players with shitty game, fake pick up cliches and plastic personalities.

Maybe this little southern belle is on to something? It actually sounds like fun, especially if you consider the cute birds eye view of the blonde in the photo. She has the strategically equipped pseudo-intellectual eye wear, idiotic duckface expression which some find adorable and the wonderful and gratuitous titty shot, complete with ample amounts of mud in what appears to be smeared in cum-like fashion. Talk about fucking subtlety.

Incidentally, there was two additional pictures attached to this ad. One depicted a mud covered four door vehicle and another, which rather insignificantly indicated a suitable mud infested location. Seriously – Who gives a shit, the first image was enough to sell the activity.

Florida Mudding

Dissecting the context of the add we have the following details:

“I’m the type of girl who doesn’t care if she gets dirty, would rather go muddin’ than shopping any day, and wants a guy who would take her as she is.”

Aside from the grammatical error of ending a sentence in a preposition, this basically provides a good summation of the type of girl being advertised. Interesting to note the obvious disinterest in mass consumerism and disregard for materialism. How many women can honestly admit to this with a straight face? Especially someone so young when the first emotional stirrings intertwine with self identity eventually equating to branding by externalized goods.

“I’m 20 yo! (just kidding, not like that but I am 20)
I have 7 tattoos and 8 piercings”

We find she is young, impressionable and rebellious to a certain degree. However, considering the common trend of tattoos and piercings being widely popular and acceptable by mainstream standards, this is almost a nod in the direction of conformity.

“I went to school for hair & make up so my hair color changes often(its blonde now)”
Hmmm,….Beauty school drop out?

“I have the most amazing puppy in the world(:”

Everyone loves dogs in Florida. It is sometimes known as a state of large posteriors and an abundance of four legged beasts. People adore them here moreso then their fellow human neighbors. This is largely a result of the transitory nature of the state with an ever increasing amount of snowbirds, retirees and tourists. Xenophobia can be a bitch when it is constantly perpetuated along with the whole north versus south dichotomy.

tattoos. piercings. the beach. titty lake. fishing. zombies. mudding. Xbox(yes i am a gamer chick) Liberty(my pup)

Yes, the tattoo and piercing adulation is quite obvious when you have more then a few AND mention this fact more then once. The beach…yes, quite redundant when you consider most of Florida is surrounded by them. I would actually like to see the reverse, a girl who quite explicitly indicates her utter disdain for the beach. It just seems so banal and common in every nuance of a personal bio for a female description.

“titty lake”

Sounds good. I agree wholeheartedly. More rural states need titty lakes as one can imagine all the splendid decadence that follows with such an appropriate moniker.

“fishing. zombies. mudding.”

This definitely has strong redneck connotations. Still the popularity of zombies in mass media and Hollywood adds to the sense of conformity and acceptance to the social herd dynamics, regardless of geographic disparity.

“Xbox(yes i am a gamer chick)”

Translated I’m just one of the guys. Females who adopt the habits and interests of males tend to make good friends due to the common interest bond between the sexes. Gaming is not different then sports in this regard. The only difference is the obvious negative impact on the physical as sitting for hours on one’s ass can contribute to one of Florida’s main issues: obesity.

“Liberty(my pup)”

What did I tell you about the dog fetish and unflinching admiration. This was the second mention. Still brownie points for the interesting name that is obviously in favor of libertarian values.

“Interested in guys around my age, reply with a picture”

Whatever happened to SEND to RECEIVE?! By prematurely stating you require a picture this gives her complete power of decision over you the clueless responder. I say clueless because when you do respond and send said picture….you will be clueless as to why you got no response afterwards.

“Not looking for sex,fwb,or nsa”

I going out on a limb here and mention that between the seductive nature of that image (which mind you is most definitely NOT her) and the triple mention of sexual contact, SEX in all it’s glorious forms with MUD is almost guaranteed to happen. Something about women not clearly stating their intentions and playing word games and reading between those proverbial lines. Still not much to decipher here. A young woman, possibly a beauty school dropout who loves creative use of mud with her body at a place called titty lake.

Man that is liberty.