Forget Florida, Retire Abroad?

Florida Retirement? Perhaps there are other options. This article was published by Yahoo on February 24, 2013 and illustrated several locations throughout the world that provided a more robust and cost effective solution for future and potential retirees. The primary motivating aspect or consideration was financial. Many of the alternatives provided similar weather conditions to Florida, however options for those who prefer more diversity as well as colder climatic zones such as in eastern Europe were equally illustrated.

Consider the following excerpt from the yahoo comments section concerning Florida for retirement or displaced relocation. The first comment is especially enlightening as many who eventually move here experience this tragic reality.

Florida Retirement

Florida, especially in the southwest coast has a vast amount of extremely low level service and retail sector jobs. A majority of the disproportionate work force which includes high school and college graduates to housewives and retirees all working within the same strata of low skill part time jobs in the retail and service markets with no benefits, no medical coverage and no future. Many are saddled with credit card and college or vocational debt, with no foreseeable method out of their rising financial calamity.

Incidentally, many of the indigenous Floridians who were unfortunate to have been born within the state, have remained. They are economically marginalized for life. Forever trapped due to lack of social, educational and financial options which undoubtedly would provide more personal mobility and overall options to escape being so negatively displaced.

However, this inability to explore further geographic avenues is simply not a decision stemming from economically centrist viewpoints. It is actually a product of mindless indoctrination and self perpetuating propaganda that is indicative of a a regional area and it’s herd like inhabitants.

For instance, many of those who live in the Lee county area have never been or wish to travel to the east coast of Florida. Why? For one, the perpetuation of negative ethnic stereotypes, lack of social contact and xenophobic fears have literally imprisoned these simple minded lemmings – forever bound by mental and emotional limitations they have self created to justify the more visible external factors such as poverty and lack of funds which would enable mobility. This is also equally true of the inverse, where people who reside on the east coast bemoan the southwest coast as a haven for redneck culture, illiteracy, white trash and ignorance as well as poverty. All factors that eventually help to continue this division within the non-culture that has become Florida.

Florida Retirement

Truth be told, experienced travelers and those with an appetite for exploration, know that regardless of where one travels there will always be both positive and negative aspects. The key factor then becomes what is of primary importance to you as an individual. In Florida, conformity reigns supreme and this is blatantly evident in both your personal dealings and interaction with the local inhabitants, especially the indigenous born and raised variety. Secondly, the general external physical environment with limitations in infrastructure and design, complete with lethargic inducing color schemes and redundancy of architecture make much of Florida a mass conformists utopia.

In addition, after further observation Florida reveals itself to be nothing but a massively large barren, sparse and uninviting open land (Everglades) intertwined with identical overdeveloped gated communities. Compounding matters further with unending development of cookie cutter strip malls housing the same even distribution of gas stations, 24 hour convenience chains, pharmacies and big box retailers. This “sameness” and lack of originality in the infrastructure has a pacifying and dumbing down effect on the unwilling inhabitant. The absence of architectural ingenuity indirectly impact one’s emotional and spiritual well being.

Unfortunately the delicate balance provided by various facets of life diversity has been forcibly usurped by a bland monotone existence, complete with single serving neighbors with hesitant smiles and obligatory waves. Continued and prolonged social interaction invites one to entertain only livid conversations about the simple and mundane aspects of one’s dull and meager life or bread and circus innuendo. Safe topics are the key and are maintained by the locals like some dogmatic and sacred religious doctrine. Incidentally, Florida is heavily indoctrinated by such single-mindedness leading to societal mass conformity. This is evidently perpetuated by a lack of or poor educational system, militarized propaganda stemming from the largest retired military personal in the USA and evangelical and born again rhetoric that has been drummed into the population to create a vast wasteland of automatons.

Like some esoteric sociological experiment, this effect creates an apathetic and complicit response to life’s stimuli. One simply exists in robotic fashion and the curiosities and creativity that define an individual simply dissipate, replaced by herd-like Pavlovian responses to images of fun in the sun, umbrella drinks by the beach, carefree worries and swaying palm trees – All mindless and pacifying cliches that serve to stem critical and proactive observation of this candy coated facade.