Florida roach eating? The phrase sounds so bizarre and disturbing, that this can not possibly reflect any real event, news or actual story! However, in this case, it unfortunately details the tragic events surrounding a contest, roaches and a man’s competitive obsession. Flori-duh has obviously earned it’s reputation with this macabre bit of idiocy. Everyone has heard of eating contests but in Florida hotdogs or hamburgers are strictly too mainstream. The denizens of the sunshine state require something more fitting, something that matches the climate and overall environment. Something that also matches the general intellectual level and interest of it’s residents.

Obviously, this requires creativity and a small dosage of idiocy. Maybe pretending to be a reptile is natural in Florida. However, it is ironic that Florida like much of the south suffers from a massive obesity epidemic.

Strange after all this time, I thought eating insects was rich in protein and nutrients.

Florida Roach Eating
I am of course, referring to the following article which details the bizarre death of a Florida man during a roach eating contest. You can read the full story at the following link:

South Florida man died after winning a roach-eating contest

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Once again this macabre bit of news has earned Florida the reputation of being an idiot’s paradise. As the book by David Barry suggests, We never know what will happen next in Florida. We know only that, any minute now, something will.

What makes this such a novel idea is that a native Floridan has taken the time to investigate and explain all the idiosyncrasies and lunacy which makes Florida unique. The book solidifies the stereotype and the reputation is well earned based on the content.

After all, when the media reports on strange incidents and events, people immediately assume Florida is connected in some manner. Dave Barry makes a bold attempt at deciphering in humorous fashion the absurdity that defines Florida. The book is a great entertaining read for those curious about the Florida stereotype.