What are the chances of any US politician not having some secret sordid sex scandal? Better yet, what is the remote chance said politician resides and officiates in the sunshine state? Is there ever a shortage of Florida scandals?

I would say the odds are fairly decent that you would pick a winner. Consider this newsworthy tidbit. An innocent mistake perhaps, but consider the endless possibilities for providing a wrong number. Maybe Domino’s Pizza was too busy and the next best thing to having the munchies was a little bit of the ole’ in an out.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott Gives Adult Number Instead of Meningitis Hotline

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This correlation in location and immoral or ethically unsound career decisions is entirely coincidental. It would seem strange that much of the US stigmatizes Florida as a state in which oddball news events is common and not out of the ordinary. Naturally so many cringe worthy incidents, crimes and mishaps which result from the indigenous population, both retirees and those born and raised, with the latter offering the most disturbing examples of rural idiocy. It is no wonder that Florida seems to provide entertainment for the rest of the country. Is this fair? Perhaps not but when you consider the increasing aging population due to a consistent influx of retirees mixed with the indigenous local southern yolk, bizarre events are sure to follow. This is further exacerbated by the effect of the wealth disparity between both the East and West coasts as well the rural vs. suburban areas. After living on the west coast of Florida at the height of the 2008 economic collapse, this becomes strikingly apparent.

In this sense, the media is just fanning the flames of Florida lunacy for the sake of the larger Idiocracy. Since the stereotype has assimilated in the American collective psyche, no one will question or be amazed by Florida scandals or public blunders which become newsworthy events.

Craig Pittman’s book is a good summation of those aspects which quantify Florida’s historical madness. All the oddities are equally explored and will help the uninitiated in exploring this unique State’s contribution to US idiocy.