Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany – Toronto Review

German Consulate Canada maintains a very efficient online booking system for appointments. I was able to renew my German passport in May, 2016 with no issue. The only hindrance was the distance if you do not live near the two main consulates in Canada which process Visas & passports. There is Toronto on the east and Vancouver on the west. Unfortunately, I live in Ottawa which is over 5 hours away. I traveled by Greyhound bus at 1am and arrived several hours before my 11:20pm appointment. Lack of sleep was effectively countered by plenty of Tim Hortons dark roast coffee. As expected, there were numerous locations within walking distance. Across the street in the Atrium and open!….Kaffee bitte! jetzt!!

Only drawback was I had an unexpected lengthy wait which seemed to be due to the mix up with the master list of appointments. The Consulate was barren save for only a few people inquiring or processing their work or school visas. Only two additional people had passport concerns. Regardless, I had all the required documents and was done within 10 minutes after doing the bio-metric fingerprint scanning. The cost was $140 CAD less in the pocket, old passport returned and back on Younge street, heading to the Toronto Greyhound terminal for the dreadful 7 hour commute back to Ottawa (due to traffic)…although passing through areas like Tweed was rather idyllic and scenic.

I would definitely recommend visiting and renewing your passport if you are a dual citizen at this location. The convenience of the online appointment system coupled with the fact that this Consulate is located in a urban city environment, providing plenty of distractions makes the entire process enjoyable.

Vielen Dank! Ich bin Deutscher.

German Consulate Canada

Incidentally, this review concerns the following business:

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Embassy
2 Bloor St E
Toronto, ON M4W 1A8
Phone number (416) 925-2813