HNA Palisades Premier Conference Center Revisted

HNA Palisades Premier Conference Center is a wonderfully large and acoomodating hotel. I have stayed here on numerous occasions for an extended amount of time. On each booking I remained at least one week (7 days) consecutively which provides a good overview of the service, amenities and geographic location.

One of the primary reasons to stay here is based on the seclusion and the picturesque surroundings which in itself provide the best selling point. The hotel and the building or structure is actually old and somewhat dated. The gym audio equipment rack is a good indicator as I noticed a VHS machine and Sony tape deck (audio). In addition, the old landline phone systems feature antiquated discontinued phones in all the rooms.

This place is NOISY. Guest as well as the maids SLAM DOORS endlessly, especially during the morning hours of 8am- 11am or so. This is consistent and VERY annoying. DO NOT come here to rest peacefully as in a romantic getaway. The scenic location is actually misleading as the hotel itself is very airy, roomy and as such all sounds echo within the enormous halls. Your next door brute of a guest will SLAM DOORS just as easily and as frequently as the service staff who cackle and rant outside your door, irrespective of your “DO NOT DISTURB” tag hanging aimlessly on the door handle.

They should host a national DOOR SLAMMING contest. Instead they have Cornell and Columbia graduate schools hosting business management classes. That is when the DOOR SLAMMING becomes unbearable! Extra credit for the loudest SLAMMER?

Maybe all those macroeconomic theories and the subsequent failure of the system in producing a more equitable wealth disparity would be enough to piss anyone off. So slamming a door or two shows you …

HNA Palisades
HNA Palisades
In addition, the place needs an update. The tub and shower leaked endlessly and the maids seems more interested in personal drama then actual cleaning and upkeep. Not surprising. Regardless, I had to inform the front desk staff on numerous occasions to get service after the normal hours of DOOR SLAMMING room service!

Front desk service also is a hit and miss and they can display belligerent and dismissive attitudes depending on who you deal with at the moment. Maybe to much fresh air and not enough DOORS SLAMMING?


Incidentally, this review concerns the following business:

HNA Palisades Premier Conference Center
334 Rt 9 W
Palisades, NY 10976
Phone number (845) 732-6000