Human Collectivism – Culture as Regressive Social Insects

Human CollectivismHuman Collectivism is a problem. The Valorian Society was a secluded organization of highly perceptive writers who viewed the historical and present day problem of human society, as two diametrically opposing cultures that can never be integrated. In essence, this was an eternal struggle between the sovereign individual versus the mass manipulated population.

Historically, the culture of sovereign individuals has consistently been attacked by the culture of manipulated masses. In the east, this manipulation was accomplished by force and familial traditions to create a passive acceptance of the group think status quo (arranged marriages). In the Western world, the mass manipulation was accomplished by made made religions and currently, mass media brainwashing.

Universal human behavior and cultural tribalism is not indicative of any one country or historical period. The Valorian Society provided a complex assessment of the human condition in their writings, all concerning the culture of humans as sovereign individuals in contrast to the culture of mass manipulators. In the book, Human History, a historical time line is provided for what the the two great (east & west) group-think machines in society dominate throughout history. According to the Valorians, Human individuals are ceasing to function as anything other than parts of a group. The quality of individual human life is being reduced to that of a cell in a multi-celled organism. This formation of group-entities is composed of living components who are no longer allowed to behave as separate individuals.

The Oriental Influence

Human CollectivismIn today’s modern society with expanding innovation in technology and media, words are continually being misused to purposely manipulate masses and create group-entities that function as asexual organisms. This word manipulation has been consistent throughout history manifesting in eastern traditions via obligation and family superstition resulting in ancestor worship. Group dynamics combined force to obligate the individual to conform to the group consensus or will. Overtime, this created the submissive tradition of acceptance to parental authority and respect for elders by acquiescing one’s individual independence.

As these submissive traits became more commonplace and widespread, they evolved into modern day tradition, resulting in little if any questioning of such a standard practice in all matters concerning family, respect, honor and obligation.

The Western Influence

Human CollectivismIn the western society, group dynamics and mass manipulation was created and enforced through the invention of man made imaginary Gods and the concept of mass advertised religion. In western history, each mass manipulating group had invented it’s own God with it’s own spokesperson responsible for interpreting the so-called orders and instructions from the imaginary God. As the mindless converts increased in numbers, dissenters were often killed, brutally punished or banished. These were sovereign individuals who would not obey the false God spokesperson whose real intention was mass manipulation through imaginary Gods and anti-evolutionary religions.

The primary difference between the mass manipulation cultures of the east and west was the west favored intangible source of authority which could not easily be confronted or identified. The eastern/oriental culture conditioned through social traditions passed on for generations. Children who dutifully obey parents while parents payed superstitious homage to their respective ancestors at various religious temples, burning incense, making worldly donations (food,clothing) to appease some dead relatives continued wishes at controlling the infant minded adult.

Human CollectivismThe significance of both the Oriental and Western mass manipulation cultures is that both profess to the individual that one is incapable of surviving without the group controlled dynamic. In essence, every form of government that utilizes these group controlled mechanisms backed by threat of force or legislation, to ensure that any individual accepts a central authority to make decisions on his/her behalf which include critical thinking decisions and actions.

Special emphasis must be observed when dealing with all organized religions as mass manipulation extends from an imaginary central authority. This illusion of a man made God dictating, special “ancient words” to a lone spokesperson at a primal historical period was essential for replacing individual thought.

The selective breeding that results from both of these two mass manipulation cultures goes in same regressive direction long ago taken by the “social” insects. Because they now dominate the entire world, they have almost reached their goal of wiping out, or twisting into unrecognizable form, the knowledge that any opposing human culture once existed. The only hope that the human species will not go the way of the regressive insects requires reviving the culture that goes the same direction as natural evolution.

The Sovereign Individual Culture

Human CollectivismThe early people of Western Asia and Northern Europe provide the one historically known example of a human individual sovereign culture, which reflects the same direction as natural evolution. In an attempt to distract attention from this unique culture, the mass manipulators categorize them all by the derogatory term barbarians. In turn, the destruction of the individual sovereignty culture was labeled civilizing the barbarians. In Europe, the Catholic Church pushed that interpretation of civilizing the barbarians to account for its several hundred years of torture, inquisitions, and public executions of all individuals who opposed mass manipulation.

After a thousand years under the Catholic Church’s intense pressure on the people to abandon their traditional values as evil, the people who formed the United States set forth a Declaration of Independence and a Constitution in support of individual sovereignty.

The Modern 21st Century Culture

Human CollectivismIf you examine our modern society it appears that the culture of individual sovereignty has failed. Advancement in technology and the advent of computers and mass telecommunication has aided the culture of mass manipulation in continuing to control and manipulate the human species, leading to regression or extinction. There exists no place on earth where the culture of individual sovereignty is now implemented by a recognizable government power. In the USA, the Constitution established a government to defend sovereign individuals from group entities promoting the culture of mass manipulation, but it no longer functions in this respect.

It would appear the entire human species is now being bred for such complete lack of perception, and such complete acceptance of group herd mentality. Both the Oriental and the Western systems have become fully effective, complete human cultures which selectively breed for flesh robots that can be manipulated. Even in order modern 21st century of social networking, cell phones, texting and complete 24 hour access to online news, information and critical research – a majority of the mass manipulated continue to uphold nonsensical group reinforcing dynamics such as religion. The vast majority of fundamental and pro-religious influence on hubpages is empirical proof enough of the damage of the western mass manipulators success.

Human CollectivismIn much of western society, mass manipulation is still predominantly accomplished by blind faith and religious devotion. Especially in America, Christian fundamentalism has it’s place in influencing right wing conservative politics, drawing droves of zombi conditioned support and group think responses. In the liberalized,left leaning spectrum, mindless pop culture, team sports, celebrity obsession and fanaticism, all serve to condition and control people into marginalized groups for easy identification, classification and exploitation. Globalization and exposure to this westernized pop culture has also influenced the eastern sphere of cultural control. Technology has enabled the widespread influence, and rapid acceleration of the assimilation of both western and eastern controlling influences to dominate the human species entirely without restraint. The culture of sovereign individuals probably only exists in isolated forms, inherent in unique individuals who exists within the zombi cultures throughout the world. These individuals struggle to survive mentally, emotionally and possibly physically in a world dominated by immense group think. Isolated, alienated and isolationist in nature, they yearn for an existence devoid of the mindless zombi conditioned, word controlled people and the manifestations of their asexual culture.

To gain full appreciation and insight to what the Valorian society warned future generations concerning the spread of mass manipulation resulting in a zombi word controlled society, read the quintessential work:

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