I Fortune Cookie – Crap Chinese Take Out in Queens

I Fortune Cookie in Long Island City, NY offers tasteless food. This was my first time and I used GrubHub with a pick up order as I was conveniently staying at LIC hotel which is roughly two blocks away – Yet I was mysteriously charged an extra $2 for my order which was clearly indicated on the online invoice @ $18.51 – no reason specified. When I cam to pick up the order, the cook or owner greeted me and took a phone order while ringing up my order which I paid in cash. Not sure what the deal is but I will not be ordering from this place again. The food was extremely bland, on the order of hospital intensive care post recovery. Seriously, the steamed vegetable dumplings were doughy and of the cheap variety you find at most of these take out joints.

It would appear that many if not all of the positive review featured on yelp were either from those with zero Chinese food experience. Especially of the authentic Chinatown variety let alone Americanized versions. In addition, this location seemed to be one of the only local Chinese take out venues within easy walking distance. Finally I think adopting a business name other then “Lucky Number One” or any such variant helped to boost it’s marketing reach.

Nothing special.

I had the same variety in Southwest Florida and Spanish Harlem. Nothing special. The Hunan chicken with brown rice was tasteless, uninspired, boring and flavorless. Not too mention an over abundance broccoli to compensate for the lack of chicken. For $20.51 this place is a rip off and sucks. I can get the same dish and same quality of dumplings in Flushing or Jamaica for much less.


I Fortune Cookie
I Fortune Cookie
Confucius say: Man who gets kicked in testicles, left holding bag of tasteless chicken.

Incidentally, this review concerns the following business:

I Fortune Cookie
44-69 21st St
Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone number (718) 786-4821