Good Ole Boys Must Have TV

In Florida or much of the US, God forbid one does not have an idiot box during a major storm.

Idiot Box
Redneck television delivery during hurricane Issac on Del Prado blvd in Cape Coral. This is not a dramatization. This is reality in Southwest Florida. I captured this gem with my cell phone. Unfortunately, I am not exactly sure what is worse, the unwavering delivery method or maintaining the presence of a TV regardless of the circumstance or potentially grave predicament.

Yes that is a sheet of plastic covering that large flat screen TV and yes it is raining. Yes they are actually riding in the back of the pick up truck in the pouring rain holding the plastic in place. Never forget that a TV is VERY important to households in Southwest Florida. Especially considering a natural disaster could potentially disable all electrical power lines. Nevertheless, in many rural and suburban environments in the US, having uninterrupted access to the idiot box is paramount to survival. This includes all manner of weather conditions, especially when one is confined indoors for any extended period of time. The idiot box becomes one’s source of entertainment, news and social interaction.

In this insightful and shockingly perceptive assessment of the relationship with the small screen, the author reveals the alarming reality of what television is actually doing physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. He points to links between television and ADHD, depression, violence, apathy, obesity, sexual dysfunction, and many other woes.

Dr. Sigman also explains how television stunts brain development and destroys cultural identity. He not only points out the damage that TV is doing, but provides real-world alternatives and viable solutions.

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