Internet Doomsday & Socialization

Internet Socializing is ubiquitous in our contemporary technocratic society. Smart phone and mobile devices have become more then what their early predecessors envisioned. No longer simple audio communication devices, now the latest apps include all methods on instantaneous interaction despite the obvious physical isolation. Ironically, physical proximity does nothing to diminish the single minded focus one has for these devices and the pseudo interactivity these public spaces created within these limited virtual environments.

Internet Socializing

Just like the image above depicts, the problem is widespread and has become normalized in contemporary times. In fact, seeing such interactions without these intrusive devices would be considered odd or somehow reflective of age or a reference to a past generation. Regardless, numerous news articles and academic studies as well as commentaries on this social development have yielded much public debate and discourse.

As such, the following humorous post was made to exaggerate how widespread this social malaise has become in our society. The comments which followed a story regarding the so-called “Internet Doomsday” virus which was used in the hacking scam, redirecting Internet searches through DNS servers used by the scammers, effected millions of users. As a result, many users could no longer connect on the internet, impacting their ability to socialize online.

The comments to a main stream news article can be not only more entertaining then the original story, but equally clever and insightful. Take this particular virtual repartee between the OP and several follow up commentators. Sarcasm has an interesting effect on the truth, making comical sense of how utterly absurd our current circumstance has become due to nonchalance and social herd acceptance.

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