Liberal Self Defense – Molon Labe & MSNBC

Liberal Self Defense? Does such a concept exist? In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy, MSNBC deceptively edited a clip of Neil Heslin, the father of Jesse Lewis, who was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary, to portray second amendment activists as insensitive by claiming they were heckling Heslin when in reality they were answering a rhetorical question he had asked. This supposed heckling event lasted all but 6 seconds.

However, the network failed to broadcast statements given at the same hearing by Bill Stevens, father of a 5th grader who attends a school in Newtown and whose classmate’s little sister was killed at Sandy Hook.

Perhaps the mass of uninformed and mislead liberals, progressives and anti-gun lemmings, who so blindly subscribe to the notion that some hero will emerge during a personal crisis, should take heed to and start to embrace the notion that self preservation is a personal choice. If you live in a violent society, when imminent danger can emerge at any time and do not have the luxury of 24 hour paid protection, the argument against self protection and preservation should become a moot point. Unfortunately, lack of common sense, logic and reliance on Hollywood illusions born out of the heroification culture have effectively pussified the majority of brainless Americans. For many of them, only a violent incident will provide the harsh reality and proverbial wake up call.

Consider some insightful comments made by various random Yahoo users concerning the issue of gun control in relation to the notion of self protection and self reliance. A vast majority of Americans have become entirely reliant on the police for protection. Unrealistic persecutions due to ignorance of the institution and it’s abilities as well as the law will cost them gravely one day should they ever find themselves in such a grave position.

Liberal Self Defense

The key element is that the police are under no obligation to protect the citizens or residents. Liberals and progressive fail to grasp this important concept and prefer to rely solely upon big government and state welfare policies to insure their survival. This unfortunately is almost always a costly mistake as it breeds victimization due to inadequate and proactive self reliance and protection.

This final response was brutal but appropriate considering one of these effeminate lemmings made the improper correlation between proactive self defense and vigilantism. It would seem like much of the rugged individualism, the respect in a solitary ability to provide for one’s own safety has been replaced by ignorance, apathy and mindless group-centric fear.

Liberal Self Defense