McDonalds Charges Toilet Fee: Pissing Against The Wind For € .20

McDonald’s Charges Toilet Fee in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Let it be clear this is not a rant comparing aspects of socialism against capitalism. However, living in a modern plutocracy ruled by an oligarchy of technocrats, banker-politico robber barons and PC apologists, does influence one’s perception and cultural bias. Needless to say I was not impressed or amused to see a US mega transnational fast food corporation like McDonald’s, exerting no sensible control in terms of it’s overseas operations. I am of course referring to the utterly pathetic practice of charging it’s patrons a fee for using the restrooms.

As a result I decided to email McDonald’s via their corporate website message interface. I felt being direct and succinct would warrant some kind of corporate response. White collar damage control has a habit of trumpeting the usual monotone rhetoric rife with unassuming apologies.

McDonald's Charges Toilet Fee

Hence I was quite prepared when I received just that type of dismissive and nonchalant reaction.

McDonald's Charges Toilet Fee

One can clearly see this was just a cut and paste response that was standard protocol for any number of blanket complaints or negative comments. For one, I did not mention anything about the food at this location or any other, yet the response is obviously addressing that particular area of concern.

So much for pissing free of charge.

In truth, coming from the US corporotacracy, I did not expect anything more. It would seem like those dubious US banker bailouts, responsibility is deflected and redirection of blame or attention is the defacto modus operandi. I can really see how effective those operational programs are in terms of damage control and the total diffusion of any negative feedback .

McDonald's Charges Toilet Fee

To further compound matters, the response message just reiterated what the corporate website already contained for contact with locations outside the US sphere of operations. In other words, your wasting your fucking time. This messaging system was essentially a gatekeeper with auto response emails being generated to ward off complaints or unflattering comments by diverting the attention in a roundabout and civil manner.

The above response I received told me nothing. It did not even address the issue of charging me to piss while dining in their franchise. No reason was given to justify the cost. Nothing economically or socially could be viable. Shit it’s not like the Netherlands is a third world agrarian country with an exploited migrant slave worker population. Not once did I mention or complain about the food or any environmental aspects of this location. I just wanted to take a piss free of charge. Not because I was being a being a cheapskate Charley but because in principle this was just wrong.

The underpaid dutch serfs who work at McDonald’s in the Hoog Catharijne Mall, actually sit in stupor at the restroom entrance, guarding the entry like some drunken street corner vagrant. Instead of a tin cup they have a saucer plate stationed strategically next to a chair, ready to accept the 20 cent donation. A donation? Are you fucking kidding me? Don’t these useless dickheads understand that toilet cleanup is part of their job as a food service employee. At least in the USA, this is blatantly apparent as all toilets are free to use for patrons and even many, especially in Southwest Florida do not even dissuade non-patron usage.

Incidentally while researching for some stock images of the McDonald’s pay for pissing toilet scam, I came across another individual who experienced the same reaction when confronted with this absurdity. Luckily, it was documented for all the uninitiated and unaware non-travelers.

Unfortunately such a practice is quite common in Europe. The Utrecht central train station charges all it’s patrons as well and so do many department stores in the city center such as Hema. If the vast majority of the population remain complicit, apathetic and essentially compliant to such a practice, then this only further exacerbates matters for those who not only oppose such policy but also those seeking to reverse the trend. If no one gives a shit, pays to piss like collectivist sheep, then us outsiders are marginalized and diffused by both the public reaction and corporate non-attention, as my email response sadly proves.

Maybe I will just hold it. Perhaps pissing for free will become quite a revolutionary stance. Dissatisfaction means being opposed to contributing another cent (euro) towards the unquenchable appetite of western corporate greed, profit and employee ignorance.

At least in the US, the urinal such as the one pictured below cost me nothing to use. Dirty, disgusting, pubic hairs afoul and often ignored by employees but entirely free. Viva la Urine!