Outrage Over Idiocy

Western consumerism often coincides with media distractions and manipulation. The US media’s obsession with curtailing freedom of expression is taken continuous steps to insure that the mindless public, continues to be distracted by irrelevancy and nonsense by supplanting social and collective attention away from serious observation that would create true adult like discourse. Instead, as usual the often manipulative media will indulge in creating these useless abstractions that pass for news in the USA.

If anyone was seriously outraged over this issue, then perhaps their rage would be better served at uncovering the truth behind the 911 incident. It is obvious the truth has been far from uncovered by these presstiututes and media whores, who serve only to distract the unwashed masses of reality addicted selfless consumer serfs. An educated critical individual would be more inclined to ignore this garbage, which passes for anything but un-newsworthy and focus on the myriad of historical, failed imperialistic US foreign policy directives that led to such severe blowback. Indeed, if one questions the status quo narrative, then the issue of a false flag potential is more then enough for any free thinking individual to critically examine the many issues that were left unresolved by mass media of disinformation. No need to acquiesce to this false emotional emoting for the sake of self righteousness or collectivist reinforcement to establish the status quo narrative.

Media distractions and manipulation

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Considering the vast multitude of social, political and economic transgressions that are being committed by the elite, perpetrated on the middle class and poor, why would a country at the epic-center and ground zero to this global calamity even give a shit about such drivel. America and much of the western society is devoid of any cultural and cerebral substance, save for the masses continued predilection and unabated appetite for anything moronic and collectivist.

The following scene which I edited from the 2004 Dawn of The Dead movie remake, reminds me of this cultural and social idiocy. It is both blind and unwavering, ignoring both the obvious impending environmental factors or any semblance of common sense or reason. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the US adult population is that fucking idiot going after the dog.