Thinking Inside The Box

Murica! On Facebook I received this post on my news-feed, ironically from an account titled, Thinking Outside The Box. However, the opinion is obviously anything but the contrary as it basically supports the status quo Imperialistic warmongering.

There’s a school of thought that says the best way to win over your enemy is to make them your friend.

We’ve learned in life that the more you try to be nice to someone the more they try to push you around and take advantage of you. If other countries think we’re weak, they’re not going to respect us.

They fear strength.

The stronger we are and the harder we play ball, the more they will respect us, fear us, and be wary of crossing us.

Of course, we have to be able back up our words with firm and resolute action if the case warrants it.

I think most would fear stupidity even more, especially so blatant a display.


So exactly how is such primitive cliche inside the box thinking reflective of outside the norm?

This collectivist group think idiocy is what causes so much mindless indoctrination in the first place. This predominant problem with this mindset is that the vast majority of the “us” is really a blatant misconception since the division between the 99% and the 1% is clearly representative of the opposite effect. In reality the unwashed masses still believe their is actual unity beyond those financial barriers. A country divided, easily stratified and marginalized as the USA in terms of demographics, ethnicity, religion, as well as social and educational level has almost zero solidarity to claim any sort of “us” position beyond the rhetoric peddled by the political elites.

In fact, the quote is in reality a moronic speak version of the Imperialistic narrative which is perpetuated by academics who subscribe to the Grand Chessboard policies, while subversion of the Constitution continues along with enforcing American exceptionalism inspired foreign policies on sovereign nations as justification for PNAC or the Wolfowitz doctrine.

Chalmers Johnson wrote a detailed trilogy concerning this kind of political mindset which is inherent with realist theories in international relations.

Now that book is and was thinking outside the box, especially in terms of foreign policy critique and correctly identifying the false paradigm of exactly who constitutes us and them.