New York Attitude – Unwashed, Undesirables are Unwanted

New York Attitude? What is that you may ask? Venturing solo on a sweltering and sweat laden midsummer day in July, I decided to travel to Manhattan by mass transit. Strand bookstore was the perfect cure for the chain store uprising, amidst the Mom & Pop diaspora in South West Florida. I had a specific goal – I was curious to see if a copy of The Global Industrial Complex: Systems of Domination was available. I already owned a digital version, but still preferred like a select few, to have the original hard-copy within my hands. Besides Chomsky wrote the first essay! I imagined reading it word by word, drip by drip mentally salivating the cerebral contents that oozed from those dissident essays.

Heading west into Manhattan by mass transit courtesy of the New York City MTA subway system, I encountered the once familiar but now, almost forgotten New York fat attitude (rudeness). Having lived in the displaced bible belt of SWFL, the on occasion, often awkward southern hospitality of friendly smiles, common courtesy and jovial light conversation seemed like a faded memory now that I was physically displaced.

If I was Naomi Klein, this would appropriately be called The Fat Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Ghetto-ism It was culture shock revisited, as I had the unfortunate experience to encounter a monstrosity of a woman, whose obvious physical girth and width easily matched her level of rudeness and minority entitlement. Yes, I am FAT, BLACK with attitude and have a semi-guberment job so I can be rude with impunity to anyone. Meanwhile most of American blue collar struggles penniless, jobless and homeless.

Regardless, this sad sack of aged lard had the gall to bark orders at me through the intercom for using the MTA swipe card which failed to process the fare because it had expired. She refused to move her cumbersome fat ass because rudeness was excusable in her case. Why? – No surprise. This is a common trait found among these stereotypical unintelligible, gubament entitlement whores who are nothing more then a poor excuse for human evolution, feeding off the system with eternal thoughtlessness.

To exacerbate matters, what passed for the English language that spewed forth from that laborious slob was a hodge podge of ghetto speak, a dash of fat supremacy and a sprinkling of inconsideration. Not to mention, this whale of ungracious behavior could not be bothered to get off the cell phone during the whole ordeal. I guess talking to illegitimate child number 7 from incarcerated husband number 6 about Sunday KFC dinner was too important.

To finalize this unpleasant experience, she eventually exchanges my card for a new one as I had an adequate balance to cover the fare. Reluctantly she agrees to do her job and with equal disdain, tosses the new card without so much as a glance of acknowledgment in my direction. I shot this fat cunt a look of death, grabbed my new card and sped through the Jamaica Queens turnstile. The smell of dried 90 degree human piss greeted me as I raced feverishly to catch the downtown E train that rumbled into the station below.

I guess the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment missed one.

New York Attitude

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