Peking House Review

Peking House is an old established Chinese restaurant located in Queens, NY. I made the mistake of returning to this place after a family visit to NY in July 2013. When I lived in Queens we dined at this establishment quiet frequently over a period of over ten years. Unfortunately since that time, the service and the food has deteriorated considerably. The catalyst no doubt was the economic depression of 2008 which cost numerous eateries to utterly collapse or cave in to cheap survival gimmicks such as offer less food for the same price or raising the prices slightly all in the name of retaining profits on a subversive level.

Peking House is no exception to this general practice. On the night we ate at this place, our peon of a waiter seemed more concerned that we ordered dishes to share amongst ourselves and had no interest in their liquor. He was extremely curt and quiet rude as he delivered our dishes and vanished for the rest of the night. I had to flag down another waiter just to clean off our table and get the check. Once we paid in cash, this mindless curmudgeon actually had the gall to expect I would let him have all the change from the bill. I quickly reminded him to bring the change and left him a tip worthy of his non-existent service and dismissive behavior.

I suggest finding another suitable location such as Zen Fusion on Parsons Blvd which is just west of this location. Much better food and the service is always friendly and inviting. Places like Peking House with their antiquated decor, annoying looped muzak and now, horrendous staff deserve a quick death at the hands of the consumer driven economy. There are far better places that deserve one’s hard earned money, especially in light of the competition.
Peking House
Peking House

Incidentally, this review concerns the following business:

Peking House
18523 Union Tpke
Fresh Meadows, NY 11366
Phone number (718) 454-9230