Pinterest Sucks – Visual Pussification

Pinterest Sucks! What is the deal with the proliferation of all these mindless and utterly useless image-centric & time wasting social media networks lately?

I am of course referring to Pinterest and also the massively popular Instagram. The latter being the choice among smart phone users for effectively increasing more senseless idiocy and wasted bandwidth. For fucks sake, a phone used to be about direct communication with a specific individual. You could actually have a meaningful verbal conversation and bask in all the subtle nuances of a persons voice. This uniqueness was inherent because the human voice provided so much intrinsic natural emotion, expressed through sound. You could relish in those unique inflections and take solace in the after thought of not only what that person said but how they said something.

Conversations between a man and a woman definitely illustrate this point, especially those that were secretly inclined towards a potential budding romance. Such hidden meanings left you in a state of wonder and sometimes dread depending on the topic or tone of conversation. However, everyone regardless of age quickly became that nervous teenager once again during those semi-awkward phone moments when coolness, shyness and anticipation collided with sexual angst on a hot lonely summer night.

Nevertheless, in our digital world of retarded corporate driven socialization, we have inadvertently moved towards even less verbalizing as a form of mindless miscommunication. This is precisely what Pinterest & Instagram represent. Popularized initially by materialistic women hawking goods and herd-like teenagers mulling over irrelevancy incarnate – this mode of communication is akin to the idiotic chain email letters first passed around during AOL’s heyday. There is very little if any original and direct interaction through dialogue. This obviously compounds the stupefying effect of our generation. Unable to properly verbalize, communication has moved from real time dialogue to written text to idiotic shorthand text-speak and finally to the utterly senseless image centric memes. In other words, people look at pictures, like them and continue to mindless pass them along creating a monstrous amount of digital waste and senseless advertising. Is this supposed to be revolutionary considering how technology has supposedly brought people closer together?

In any case, I received this email from Pinterest regarding my account. I use a bot to amplify the activity as I would never bother to waste time on such a heinous social platform. It seems the response and reason was quite interesting considering how sexually driven images are used in advertising. Still I was not advertising anything and the bot must have shared a some kind of dubious image. I had to investigate as I assumed the worse considering it warranted a warning email.

Pinterest sucks

Hmmmm,…..maybe someone pinned the latest promo from the bangbros hardcore offerings?

Pinterest sucksNot a chance. Much to my chagrin, this was the felonious image in question. A wonderful black and white capture of a stupendous female figure with ample assets and an alluring ensemble.

I mean really, this could easily been used on some very chic advertising and considering the online rampant availability of porn, this could have been much more flagrant and risque.

Considering the usual mantra behind advertising in relation to sexuality and mass commercial advertising, it is ironic how hypocritical these idiotic fad social media platforms have evolved.

George Carlin was correct in regards to how idiotic US Media and advertising in has become, effectively dumbing down the unwashed masses, distracting and turning citizens into mindless consumers.

Notice in the email, Pinterest remarks that they currently do not allow nudity which alludes to the fact they might some day? If so, I wonder what kind of guidelines will be established for what is and isn’t acceptable? I am guessing this image would be acceptable. Then again, they admit people can not view such images (nudity) as they access Pinterest from work and around family members. I guess having a family does not constitute having some form of sexual activity in the past, so much so that looking at any such activity might be a brutal reminder of how these bastards got here in the first place! Maybe it will remind you of what your missing out? Well, considering how fat your current wife is and why she flaunts that butch hairdo as a proud misandrist queen.

Perhaps Pinterst should be more concerned that people are using their social platform while at work? – No, just so long as it aint nekid!

Damn, I thought that was the ONLY reason worth using a social platform anyway, especially given the time and circumstance. If your going to get busted at work, might as well make it worthwhile. No sense losing your job over shared images of cooking recipes, handbags or senseless biblical quotes of inspiration superimposed over Florida cracker-ville sunsets!