Ramada Flushing, NY Review

Ramada Flushing NY – I stayed here for 6 days on my last sojourn. The cost was close to $1K and far to extravagant for the limited amenities and indifferent and detached response from the staff. The front desk exhibited an air of aloofness akin to disdain for having to acknowledge your presence as you entered and exited repeatedly through the lobby. Perhaps us mere mortals should have used the backdoor? Alas, no signs posted….if I knew I was of the proletariat class I would have taken appropriate measures to avoid such rampant bourgeois displays.

The room seemed miniscule but adequate. Staying during the early winter one can feel the cold draft from the window. I thought this was a new structure? Hot water is a major issue. I had to wait numerous times for the water to reach a comfortable level, especially as my room was on an upper floor. For those staying here it may be best to acquire a room on the lower floors. WiFi seems to be hit and miss. I swear I was not trying to stream Debbie Does Dallas in Mandarin with english subs. The cleaning staff seemed to have an equal aversion and contempt for refilling the coffee and creamer in my room. I had to make a few runs to the apathetic front desk asking for late night provisions. Parking is non-existent. Good luck even having a cab drop you off.

Finally, the locking mechanisms with the door seemed to also refuse to cooperate. I mean it just would not close and lock. One had to once again (See my HNA Conference review) SLAM the door with such exuberance and vigor as to cause a stir among the remaining guests on the same floor. I quickly realized I was not the only one. On numerous occasions while resting peacefully in the room, my silence and tranquility was shattered by the SLAMMING of doors from adjacent rooms.

At first I thought this might be some new Chinese tradition, in celebration of some obscure ancestor or for some good fortune steeped in Confucian doctrine….perhaps the noise was symbolic of a tearful remembrance….then I remember my stay at the HNA Conference in Palisades, NY. Deja Vu anyone?….. Ah such first world concerns…..can life get any more difficult. Cheers….I am off for some steamed dumplings as all is forgotten.
Ramada Flushing NY

Incidentally, this review concerns the following business:

Ramada Flushing Queens
3627 Prince Street
Flushing, NY 11354
Phone number (718) 606-6788