Redneck Florida: One “Minit” in ‘Murica!

Redneck Florida is not an uncommon term. There are far to many documented examples in the local news as well as historical incidents which clearly provide evidence to support the stereotype. if you ever live in the state of Florida, especially the more rural areas, you will undoubtedly witness with your very own eyes. A small testimony to this stereotypical idiocy. Case in point, regarding my direct experience on the southwest coast.

Redneck Florida
Not to be pedantic concerning trivial matters but seriously this is an enormous sign on a two way road leading from Fort Myers to Cape Coral.


Perhaps no one at the sign shop though it was prudent to play editor before completing this travesty. I assume no Rhodes Scholar was available at the gas station when this monstrosity was erected in all it’s glory.

Redneck Florida
Speaking of oil, somehow this makes practical sense considering the location and the subsequent economic and social priorities of the indigenous folk.
I mean fuck flowers or a Russell Stover box of hard chocolates from the local Walmart. Maybe a nice cheap bottle of Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Rose Cava? Nah…perish the thought!

This is red neck country son. What says I love you on Mom’s special day then a dog gone, oil change!

After all we just have to keep that 1998 Ford F350 Dually a hummin’

Maybe this is indeed intentional, even symbolic of the educational incompetence that perpetuates this tin pan alley. After all, if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it……..We heer’n ‘murica baby!

At least in economically depressed areas anywhere, there is a certain semblance of common sense that prevails primarily as a byproduct of a frugal existence. Sometimes bordering on survival. After all, making sure your auto is functioning 100% in order to get to work or shop for groceries is a priority over expendable short term luxuries based around rampant consumerism and man made holidays.