Selfie is the Idiocracy lexicon

Selfie is a stupid word. It’s child-like sound almost matches the idiocy of it’s contrived meaning. It would appear that western media is continuing the uniquely American tradition of perpetuating the ghetto culture by further bastardizing the English language. I am of course referring to the introduction of new terminology into the slang lexicon, which further reflects the ongoing social debasing of modern culture and society. Eventually this media obsession with all things irrelevant and idiotic will create a lingua franca for the unwashed masses which no longer resembles the traditional English language. Western society will devolve into a collective mass of unthinking consumer automatons, incapable of critical thought and action, but instead functioning on herd mentality impulses and conformist pressure based on pre-established norms, determined by acceptable social etiquette.

Selfie……. Really?

What a stupid fucking word.

A simple concept which cleverly and subversively hides the self-obsession, self-seeking attention whoring, egoistic and callous indifference. It is perfectly American due to it’s arrogance and in a psyop fashion, it projects the hubris associated with American Exceptionalism. For what better way to passively indoctrinate the useless eaters and citizen peons then to perpetuate a culture devoid of any true characteristics reflective of a unified society, one which fosters solidarity, compassion as well as civility and maturity.

Selfie is a stupid word

Instead, we have a society obsessed with idiocy in all it’s forms. Sustained by pop culture icons who are nothing but pawns and absurd caricatures of this lunacy. American media and Hollywoodism has magnified the dumbing down effect established by the Public education system. One can only wonder what a stranger visiting the US for the first time, exposed to the childish headlines would imagine of such a society.

Selfie is a stupid word

From the idiocy of mass entertainment to the farcical world of theatrical politics, the same lunacy is both established and continuously perpetuated. US media works equally efficient as there is a fine line between the shenanigans of Hollywood and Capital Hill. Considering the extent of the herd mentality conditioning in US society, this division is essentially non-existent. Everything is evidently Red or Blue, Black or White or in politics, with or against us. As society stupefies, you must adapt, use an appropriate level of language that not only dictates with authority but also exhibits the appropriate amount of social control to establish the status quo.

Selfie is a stupid word

This is apparently a suitable example of that “new spirit of the ages” in which Noam Chomsky lambasted during his numerous lectures and talks concerning class warfare and corporate control in the US history. It would seem the social engineers found a rather dubious method to subvert those proud and resistant labor unified citizens like those in historical Lowell, Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, the internet has made the dissemination of pop culture and cultural indoctrination easier. Coupled with an incremental approach, gradualism conveniently subverts any discovery or resistance, especially when presented in acceptable standards by an industry responsible for creating illusions such as mass advertising and Hollywoodism.

Selfie is a stupid word

What follows is the subtle and gradual acceptance in the negative social conditioning on a mass scale which is clearly prohibiting the creation of a critical thinking, intelligent and capable society. A culture that embraces civic responsibilities and educated pursuits, one in which there is an awareness of the diminishing standards reflected by social policies which impact their individual and collective lives.

Instead we have ingrained the very characteristics which impart more division and separation. People are easily divided along a multitude of social standards. Pushing the appropriate buttons and levers is enough to create the desired effect when a society has been so conditioned and distracted by idiocy. The US is the epicenter of this trend in engineering the dumbing down effect to it’s maximum level.

It would seem organized religion is no stranger to this narcissistic compulsion. Perhaps vanity is not deadly sin after all. Maybe if it serves the greater good of promoting a culture of apathetic self absorption and collectivist idiotic joviality.

Selfie is a stupid word

The continued bastardization and stupefying effect is being applied equally on all fronts from language to fashion and pop culture, especially media, movies and music. In essence this is no surprise as social engineering must utilize popular formats and the medium of the masses. Movies, music and fashion were always obvious fronts as they are often used as identity indicators by youth, helping forge the beginnings of social acceptance and collectivist group think.

Selfie is a stupid word

Consider the following statement from Bakunin:

Nothing, in fact, is as universal or as ancient as the iniquitous and absurd; truth and justice, on the contrary, are the least universal, the youngest features in the development of human society.

Indeed and unfortunately as Bakunin realized, there is no isolationist perspective, especially considering the vast interconnectedness of our digital culture:

What all other men are is of the greatest importance to me. However independent I may imagine myself to be, however far removed I may appear from mundane considerations by my social status, I am enslaved to the misery of the meanest member of society. The outcast is my daily menace. Whether I am Pope, Czar, Emperor, or even Prime Minister, I am always the creature of their circumstance, the conscious product of their ignorance, want and clamoring. They are in slavery, and I, the superior one, am enslaved in consequence.

This is the dilemma of being enlightened, an outlier within a society that has been intellectually stymied and shackled to the lowest common denominator. Socially conditioned from noble and intellectual pursuits, no longer representative of a people reflecting a cultured and capable society. Unfortunately, mass media has created the reverse and the awakened individual is socially ostracized, marginalized to exist as an iconoclast in this absurd mockery.

Perhaps as grim and diabolical as one reader exclaimed…

Selfie is a stupid word

Considering the trend, leading to the overall decline of language skills as evidenced by online text-speak and meme inspired visuals – death for for any wordsmith might be an easy way out.