Staples in Canada Review – Overpriced Air Cans

Staples Overpriced. Oh Canada….oh, the humanity! As if HST @ 13% was not enough….paying for compressed AIR at $13.49 CAD which is at today’s exchange rate $10.75 USD!!! What in Holy Hell is contained in this small minuscule can anyway eh? This is an outrage. Even if this thing was imported from Sweden, it would not cost this much with the various tariffs & customs penalties. Seriously, WTF is up with this insane price.

Below is the actually item I purchased along with the receipt. I had to document this in order to remember how expensive certain items can be when you travel and no longer have access to certain products which may or may not have been cheaper in your previous home.

Staples Overpriced

In Jamaica, Queens, NY at the local Micro Center you can usually buy a 2-Pack 10 oz. Dust-Off Compressed-Gas Duster with Bitterent for $13 which includes free wipes.

They also have the special no-name brand large cans by the registers for a measly $1 – If that is not cheap enough then exit the Micro center turn left and head a few yards to the National Wholesale Liquidators for a two pack for about the same $1 on special. This is an absolute shame and makes keeping computers and electronic items internally clean for efficient cooling.

INSANE COST! $13.49 CAD for ONE 7 oz CAN!

Staples Overpriced

It would appear that Staples in Ottawa is doing there part to subsidize all of Justin Trudeau’s liberal welfare policies, not too mention the $29.4B deficit. This thing is called a “Dust Destroyer”…should be called a CASH DESTROYER at that price!

I guess, I should be grateful for doing my part since Ottawa will soon experiment with the GAI and someone has to pay for it.

Sounds like a lot of hot air to me.

Incidentally, this review concerns the following business:

1233 Donald Street
Gloucester, ON K1J 8W3
Phone number (613) 745-4773