Stupid is as Stupid Americans Does

stupid Americans
Stupid Americans as voters? This commentary is in regards to the following article from Yahoo news, Most of Congress coming back despite low approval

George Carlin once remarked in a stand up performance that when one is born into the world, it is like having a ticket to the circus. When one is born in the USA, it is like having a front row seat.

Comparing American politics to a circus is essentially correct considering the entertainment value and childish nature of it’s participants. The very fact that most stupid American voters would continue to support and re-elect these incumbents, while at the same time expressing a dismal approval rating is the definition of pure insanity. Anyone with a modicum of common sense would easily understand that the bipartisan system has equally conspired at rigging the system to make sure they remain in power. As professor Chomsky explained in his lectures on media control, the opulent minority must be protected from the mass majority of the uneducated public. They are not be be involved in the political arena but remain as clueless spectators. Stupid Americans who continue to vote based strictly on partisan allegiance are essentially clueless spectators.

Who is to blame? The masses of moronic Americans who continue to vote in favor of perpetuating ignorance and stupidity. For the continued belief in the left/right paradigm of US bipartisan politics. The corrupt Democratic and Republican machines which are owned by international corporations and Wall Street. Both parties are correct in their understanding that American voter is predominantly a lazy, ignorant, and easily scared peon. They are easily polarized and in a perpetualWaiting for Godot perspective. They will continue to vote and partake in a sham and broken system. The herofication culture has indoctrinated them to always look for leaders, even those with a terrible track record of greed, incompetence self interest. Anyone that votes for either of the two parties endeavors to continue the status quo, insuring their continued slavery and economic disparity.

Why would anyone twenty-one-term Rep. Charlie Rangel? This is proof positive that the country and it’s daft citizenry is utterly hopeless. So dumbed down, stupefied by ghetto culture, Hollywood-ism and mass conformity. Stupid Americans continue to reward theft, graft and incompetence of immense magnitude. If you have any working or salvageable braincells, make plans to expatriate to a smaller country that is unified with an 70+% intelligent base, non-multi-culturalized by overzealous liberalization disguised as political correctness and one in which communities exist outside the false consumerist branded non-culture that reflects socialization in the USA. Nothing in the USA will change due to mass mental apathy.

One does not have to look far for evidence. Consider your family, friends, co-workers and especially social media online acquaintances. What daily mindless drivel that equates to human verbal excrement is posted for Facebook status updates. What nonsensical images are repined or heavily followed on Pinterest or Instagram. What tweets are consistently re-tweeted on twitter reaching viral like status. Consider the uploaded videos on YouTube and the celebrity laden status some claim due to hits, likes and subscribers. Now consider the content. Consider this well against the state of affairs that impact all of our individual and collective lives in this country and on this planet. Not tomorrow or some bygone past year but NOW – today, during our short lifespan.