Are people idiotically and primitively insane? Do they attach meaningless significance to dates based on the random chance that certain digits are sequential? A superstitious date helps the unwashed masses add relevance to the irrelevant. Yes today is November 11, 2013 or simply, 11-12-13.

superstitious date
Big deal? Maybe…..

Perhaps interesting in the midst of an impersonal and banal conversation or solitary passive observation.

However, I heard on 1010 WINS (Radio news) that there was actually a 70% increase in idiotic Americans who felt it was prudent to get married today.

Incidentally, today just happens to be a Tuesday and the report insinuated that there was absolutely nothing special about a Tuesday except for the date being 11-12-13. This is essentially true, especially considering most people opt for a weekend marriage.

So why the mindless bum rush by the masses to tie the knot?

Strangely enough in this hyper paranoid and superstitious society, upwards of 3000 couples felt that today was emotionally significant, beyond the coincidence of sequential calendar numbers to warrant a break from that tradition. It would be safe to assume the reason being today’s cryptic date would somehow bestow unique blessings and luck upon any romantic union. Logic forbid that true change, reflection and mutual consent originate from the actual people involved, thus codifying these sacred virtues and solidifying the actual nuptials and matrimonial bonds.

I guess this is the same crowd that will openly admit to seeing Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich or the silhouette of the Virgin Mary on the neighbor’s garage door.

A superstitious date attached to something random that is uncontrollable, meaningless and insignificant such as a calendar date, is more evidence of the collective madness of contemporary civilization. Our technology has improved since the neolithic age, yet the same primordial simplicity of thinking prevails. Many of us are still fucking stupid.