Teen Pregnancies in The Philippines

Teen Pregnancies Philippines

Teen Pregnancies Philippines? This is an endemic problem in numerous places. Sounds like the same statistics one would find in any suburban sprawl throughout the bible belt of America. I have seen this firsthand in southwest Florida. Under-educated cracker subculture and dogmatic fundamentalist religion along with westernization of SEA. A perfect social engineering of the destruction of a once sovereign culture.

Filipinos are what I call colonial Catholics. They practice because they were originally forced to and the colonizers were smart enough to impart the more authoritarian 17th century aspects of the religious structure onto their society. The elites were required to convert and share their power with the foreign priesthood who owed their allegiance only to Spain. This means Filipinos believe in all the dogma regarding abstinence, hierarchies, the mystical (immaculate conception), and other nonsense but failed to absorb the positive aspects such as the European concept of the western social contract, good governance, and democratic beliefs that evolved later. Monotheism actually led to the age of enlightenment in more ways than one despite the seemingly great contradiction there.

Precisely why you have so much hypocrisy with Catholics pretending to be all about Jesus while they steal from the poor in their society. This also why so many uneducated Catholics apparently breed like rabbits with no realistic concept of birth control, common sense or logical thinking in an environment that is both hostile to themselves as well children. For the controlling Church hierarchy, sex is alright if you have children as this perpetuates the creation of more followers. No followers = death of a religion, political entity or cult. As my good mentors the Valorians would say, the death of another hive like structure/dynamic is good for the culture of individual sovereignty.

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Rise in teen pregnancies rattles Philippines

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