University Contest – Ich bin der Sieger!

University Contest

University Contest? yes and I am the winner! I am now 300€ more wealthy. The craft of writing a simple yet concise review contest on academia is no daunting task, however when one has actually yet to attend said university, it is a matter of cunning and creative self indulgence. I used my knowledge of social media marketing and online PR savy to quickly destroy my competition, sending them to a bottomless oblivion with their puny scores/likes in comparison to my final untouchable status. mel brooks said it best, Es ist gut, der König zu sein – It is good to be the king!

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Regardless of the social media strategy, the written content had to be legitimate, original, unique and credible when scrutinized by the public and those in authority who act as arbiters and judges of quality. As someone who consistently writes content in both online and offline for academic assignments, it was a simple matter. Practice in this sense does make perfection. At least within the narrow confines of a specific topic of interest and expertise. In addition, have ample research skills enables one to tackle a number of new subjects and themes.

I would suggest seeking out as a funding strategy writing contests, especially those sponsored by universities, colleges and any additional institutions that deal with education and the promotion of related factors related to scholastic endeavors. For one, they provide an excellent resource to obtain direct funds through content rewards. In addition, they provide recognition and potential promotion which may eventually get you noticed by the right people in a particular industry. This might lead to lucrative career or new position or at the very least, an internship of some kind. In the end, a writing contest, especially one promoted on social media provides unique advantages to those willing to accept the challenge.